Sarah Diamond and the Soul Miners Release New Music

The press and other talking heads may write that country rock is dead. Sarah Diamond and the Soul Miners, however, prove there’s plenty of life in the genre if you know where to listen. Diamond and the band are based out of Florida where they first emerged with the single “I Got Away”. This chronicle of a woman freeing herself from a relationship gone bad put the fledgling outfit on many radars and the band’s follow up will land them on many more.

“Doin’ Whatcha Doin’” pops from the outset with a melodic blues swing, caked in dirt, and full of punch. Diamond the Soul Miners are never heavy-handed with the way they bring the hammer down on listeners throughout the course of the song but, instead, seduce them every bit as much as the song’s subjects feel desire in their hearts and elsewhere. You can hear Diamond’s rich voice revealing, a little, in the low-key but bawdy subject matter as she locks eyes on the man she wants.

It is playful instead of predatory. The band accentuates the rambunctious vibe, however, with dirty guitars and a strong backbeat. Grit, however, doesn’t get in the way of Diamond and the band presenting listeners with a strong melody. Managing to accomplish that while manipulating the dynamics of the song in a way that draws listeners in and holds their attention comes easy to this song and the lack of affectation opens it to the broadest possible audience.

The chorus is one of two musical high points. It has a strident effect but carries listeners away rather than annoying them with its insistence. The second musical peak comes with the second half guitar solo, an unexpected bonus to an already outstanding song, and full of musical contributions elevating the single several notches. The guitar sound will stick in your memory long after the song ends. There’s nothing forced about the playing either and it fits into the song quite well.

It will be a live winner for Diamond and the Soul Miners. It isn’t difficult to hear that chorus and solo bringing audiences to their feet and it won’t take much for them to translate this from recording to stage. The pieces are all there and it’s a crack band capable of realizing the necessary elements for bringing music to life. No one can accuse this song of striking a false note.

It gets in, does its business on your head, and leaves the way it came. There’s no messing around with Sarah Diamond and the Soul Miners’ “Doin’ Whatcha Doin’” and it’s the next step in a career path certain to carry this talented unit well beyond the confines of the Sunshine State. They have the soul, skill, and singing to pursue their musical dreams as far as they like, and this new single shows they have the songs as well to push deeper into a promising future. Sarah Diamond and the Soul Miners are here to stay, and country rock music is better off for their presence.

Gwen Waggoner