Is a bachelor’s in fashion worth it?

Students who want to work in the textile and fashion industry, ateliers and professional studios, in production technology, management and business direction can get a fashion bachelor degree from the Istituto Marangoni Miami. Fashion undergraduate programs cover all stages of creating a collection: from working with trends to formulating trends in the design of clothing and accessories, from finding a source of inspiration to producing a collection. That’s why it’s so important to go to college and get a fashion bachelor’s degree.

What subjects does a bachelor in fashion study?

A person who studies in this specialty studies many disciplines. This area is close to the discipline of management and management. For this reason, fashion undergraduate programs include the study of consumer behavior based on microeconomic processes. Program goals:

  • To provide a holistic introduction to the field of fashion design, marketing that combines technical knowledge, industry awareness, understanding of the design process, and visual communication skills.
  • The program is focused on unlocking the potential of each student.
  • Development of the student’s creative potential.
  • Mastering modern techniques for the production of clothing and accessories.

Why should you get a bachelor’s degree in fashion?

A bachelor’s degree in fashion is required for those students who want to connect their lives with fashion and work in:

  • companies, exhibition centers, exhibition companies, advertising agencies, publishing houses, press offices of fashion companies;
  • in enterprises and institutions organizing cultural events, costumes and fashion shows, as a production manager or consultant;
  • teaching in educational institutions in the disciplines of fashion;
  • textile and fashion industry, ateliers and professional studios, in production technology.

With a focus on contemporary design, the course at Istituto Marangoni Miami develops creativity by teaching all the skills needed to work in the fashion industry. Graduates of the course are fully prepared to use all the skills in their work – research, design development, work with materials in the manufacture of products and portfolio design.