Intelligent Diva Is Flexing All of Her Skills with Her Latest Single “How to Flex” featuring Sean Kingston 

Intelligent Diva from Jacksonville, Florida is ending the 2022 year with a banger. On December 23rd, the music artist released her new single “How to Flex” to the world. The single is featuring Sean Kingston and producer Blanq Beats which follows multiple visuals along with a new launch of merchandise.

 Intelligent Diva wrote her lyrics with the focus on synch licensing for the niches of health and wealth. The music artist wrote the song, two years ago with the thought of films, commercials and reality tv shows in mind.  However, she recently enhanced the songs this year with this collaboration with Sean Kingston to include a reggae vibe. She feels that entrepreneurs and people with careers you can have whatever you want, when you put in your hard work. The music artist has niches around gaming, 3d animation, and technology. Intelligent Diva is more than an artist. She’s also a content creator, director, storyboard artist, background designer. She also writes the skits to her songs and her commercials.  The value of the skillset of each one of these roles is very high as a contributor in the entertainment industry. 

In addition to her new hit single “How to Flex, she has dropped 3 music visuals around the single. One which focus on exercising, a lyric video and another video which focuses on wealth and technology. The song is outstanding collaboration between the two artists. It was also an excellent idea for her marketing team to come up with different visuals for the single. Intelligent Diva also launched new merchandise on her website IDM Merch Boutique which is built around the new single How to Flex.  She’s also is launching her merchandise to be sold globally on Etsy.  

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