Tips For Safe Boating 

There are few things as enjoyable as a relaxing summer afternoon with your loved ones on the water. The last thing you need at a time like that is a boating accident. According to the Coast Guard, there were around 4,000 boating accidents in 2019 alone, resulting in around 600 deaths and almost $55 million in property damage. If you have any questions about personal injury, you should contact a personal injury lawyer without hesitation. 

How to boat safely? 

A lot of boating accidents can easily be prevented with just a few simple precautions. By taking an online boating safety course, you will equip yourself with all the important information you should have about boating.

Some tips for having a safe boating experience are: 

  • Do not boat while intoxicated. 

Most people would not even consider drinking alcohol before they have to drive, but people tend to be a lot more casual when it comes to boats. However, you should consider that boating while intoxicated is the cause of around one-third of all fatalities in recreational boating accidents. Operating a boat while under the influence of alcohol is just as dangerous as driving under the influence and can land you in serious legal trouble as well. 

  • Always have a life jacket on 

Make sure you are wearing a life jacket, as well as everyone else on the boat with you. According to the Coast Guard, around 80% of boating accident fatalities could have been prevented if the victims were wearing life jackets. 

  • Know the laws 

Make sure that you have at least a basic understanding of the boating laws in your state before you decide to get on the water. Understand and follow the laws to avoid any accidents. 

  • Look out for inclement weather conditions. 

Never get on the water without checking the local weather forecast first. If possible, try only to operate a boat in clear weather conditions. Be aware that the weather can change anytime, and always have an emergency storm kit on the boat. 

  • Take a safety course for boating.

If it is your first time boating, it is a good idea to enroll in a boating safety course in order to make sure that your boating trip is as safe as possible. 

  • Pay attention 

Stay away from your phone when you are operating a boat, and stay attentive at all times. 

Have you been injured in a boating accident? 

If you or your loved ones have sustained any injuries in a boating accident, you may be eligible for compensation if the accident was due to someone else’s fault. Schedule a consultation with a personal injury attorney today and learn how to file a personal injury claim.