Brian Hutson Delivers ‘From Dreams to Screens’

As soon as I hit Play, I am instantly enthralled with what I am hearing on ‘From Dreams to Screens’. Brian Hutson has a way of drawing you in by way of his vocal delivery and musical ability, so don’t fight it and just go with it. ‘From Dreams to Screens’ is the latest release for New York-based artist Brian Hutson and one I think many people will enjoy.

Brian started singing at the young age of 12 and he has not looked back since! With a wide range of songs that includes elements of: Pop, Dance, retro disco and classic rock covers, Brian continues to grow & shine. Brian was actually discovered by music producer, Joe Vulpis (Lady Gaga), while singing at a holiday party. With his first EP titled ‘Midnight Sessions’ to his most recent, full-length album, ‘From Dreams to Screens’, the future is looking pretty darn bright for Brian Hutson.

The record kicks off with a song called “Horizontal” where a catchy hook and appealing sound pulls you right in. Next, get ready for “All Night Long” that is smooth like butter and adds such a cool-flowing tempo that will brighten up your day and lift your spirits. It’s on like “Donkey Kong” on the following number, “One-Sided Love”, where this tune can be referred to as a buzz-worthy cut that is a must listen. Track four, “Lights”, includes an infectious beat and impressive vocals as this glowing sound illuminates through the speakers. Head into “Runaway” next where such a BIG blast of bright noise surrounds you as Brian Hutson is stealing the show. Everything is A-”Okay” on the following song where Brian Hutson delivers a stand-out performance that is more than just “Okay”. Track seven, “Fix It”, is shaping up to be a Hit, so nothing broke here at all! Moving along, the audience will receive an excellent production overall on “Stay (I Missed You)” as Brian Hutson proves he has got style. Track nine, “This Is It (Revisited)”, offers the listener plenty of feeling & good vibes where this song is simply drenched with emotional notes all the way through. Brian goes out with a bang on “You & Me” where the stars align and all of the pieces appear to fit together perfectly. “You & Me” has an inviting melody that wraps around your ears and also has such a powerful presence that keeps you engaged from beginning to end.

From Dreams to Screens’ is a real Smash and a Pop record worth listening to right now! It’s worth mentioning that Brian Hutson has business partnerships with Martenero watches, Sennheiser microphones, and licensing deals with companies such as: Macy’s, Gap, Victoria’s Secret and Old Navy. With many successful ventures under his belt and more to come, Brian Hutson is living the life ‘From Dreams to Screens’. Be sure to pick up a copy of ‘From Dreams to Screens’ today and add this album to your playlist for instant enjoyment. You can also SKOPE out the official music video for “Lights” right here: Catch the talented Brian Hutson going ‘From Dreams to Screens’ right before your very ears!

By Jimmy Rae