God Knows Records is HERE!

In an age where musical tastes are endless and artists are a dime a dozen, God Knows Records invites musicians to just be themselves. It’s a simple formula really and hoping to be one that catches on for God Knows Records, which is just BE YOU and DO YOU! Allowing an artist to grow and have complete creative control is what God Knows Records is all about. If you savor and value freedom of expression, then God Knows Records is your one-way ticket to the promised land.

God Knows Records is a brand new, Independent record label & publisher based in Los Angeles, California. God Knows Records welcomes ALL where creativity and healthy minds reign supreme. This record label opens its doors to individuals who want to shine and make wonderful music. God Knows Records is a place where you can find who you are as a person and explore all areas of artistry and musicianship.

God Knows Records brings to you up-and-coming artists that are ready to take the world by storm! With so much promise, passion and persistence in place, one can’t go wrong with God Knows Records and its mission. If you’re a new artist and looking to take your music career to the next level, then check out God Knows Records AND sign up today!

Be sure to check out God Knows Records on their Instagram page, (God Knows (@godknowsmc) • Instagram photos and videos), and below you will find a couple of their talented artists. Embrace change & growth by looking into God Knows Records where artists of tomorrow unite. Enjoy the fruits of your labor and let God Knows Records guide you and lead the way.

Dorin Hirvi (@dorinhirvi) • Instagram photos and videos

Sicks(6) Ways (@sicksways) • Instagram photos and videos

By Jimmy Rae