Michael J Foxx Pays homage to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers with his new single called “Mighty Morphon Power Rapper”

Yonkers, New York native and now Moncton, New Brunswick Canada resident revisits his lyrics on his new single –

“Now who’s greater

I’m kicking bars like the green ranger

Moment of silence

While I pour my drank

Rest In Peace to Jason David Frank

Now back to it

It’s Morphin Time

I been nice

But I’m even better in my prime

I been putting in this work

It’s just a matter of time”

Ever since I was knee high The Power Rangers played a major factor in my childhood. I couldn’t wait until after school was over and jet home to watch it. I don’t think I’ve ever missed an episode.

Hopefully every listener will get to travel back to memory lane with this record.

Mighty Morphon Power Rapper – Single by Michael J Foxx