Dianña’s “Missing You Underneath the Mistletoe”

Dianña’s “Missing You Underneath the Mistletoe” has the sort of Christmas song sparkle that reminds listeners of bygone classics of the past. Framing it in modern sonic terms doesn’t prove to be an issue because the track has a world class vocal presence breathing new life into its traditional vibe. Mark Needham, a well -known producer and mixer responsible for collaboration with legends such as Dolly Parton, Imagine Dragons, The Killers among others, is an ideal studio wizard for the young singer. It is easy to imagine Parton singing this even as the duo work of Dianña and the lovely backing push this song towards being one of the finest Christmas musical offerings in recent memory.

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It all begins with Dianña. Her slightly sultry voice is easy to fall in love with from the first line as she seamlessly slips into the song’s groove and provides it with a full breadth of soul. Her approach is somewhat akin to a R&B singer though the tune is far from that. It’s something you hear in her phrasing and how she glides through each line wholly attentive to its purpose. She also understands when and how to bring her voice to peak moments matching the song’s arrangement. It hits specific trajectories along the way, and she is there to meet the music each time.

The musical arrangement is a perfect fit for both the subject matter and her voice. It is rather spartan but picks up more along the way. Beginning the track, however, with Dianña paired with elegantly played piano is the ideal way for the song to carry us into this tale of a loved one missing someone around the Christmas season. It’s obviously a romantic interest she is missing but it is love depicted in its truest form rather than played for laughs or a bit of risqué fun.

The song’s accompanying video directed by Fon Davis dazzles. Filmed at Fonco Studios in Los Angeles, it is a sumptuous tapestry of color that plays as a feast for the eyes.  The use of specific shots to illuminate key points in the lyrics is another strength as it reinforces the song’s “narrative” with one of its own. The use of traditional Christmas imagery throughout the song is another key point that listeners who love this sort of music will gravitate to.

Dianña doesn’t have a lot of past work to her credit but she’s well on her way. Hitting Adult Contemporary Charts with her past two singles has established her as a force to be reckoned with in the future and this song, even if it’s aimed at a specific niche market, will only reinforce her claim as one of the most talented vocalists to emerge in the past few years. She has both the confidence and talent to continue this path and working with such talents as Mark Needham has further bolstered her credentials. “Missing You Unde3rneath the Mistletoe” is pure Christmas themed musical joy and has melody for days. 

Gwen Waggone