Not Now Norman is back with a new single & music video: “What I Want”

Not Now Norman is an artist with a focus on making music that’s incredibly diverse. The sound blurs the lines between various genres, including indie rock, punk and alternative. Ultimately, what makes Not Now Norman’s music so special is the passion and integrity that fuels every creative endeavor the artist partakes in.

Not Now Norman’s most recent music video, “What I Want”, is a really fantastic take on creativity. The release offers a melodic touch, but there is still plenty of energy on tap, propelling the electrifying attitude that Not Now Norman always brings to the table in terms of musicianship and focus. “What I Want” should be right up your alley if you like rocking indie vibes. The release is a perfect introduction to what Not Now Norman is all about, and it is definitely something that shouldn’t be missed! 

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