Meet Sweet Limb, a Texas based rising musician and artist

Chris Robinson, better known by his stage name Sweet Limb is the Austin, TX based artist who cites Frank Ocean among his modern-day inspirations. After moving from Pearland, Sweet Limb started doing music around 2015 and launched a band with a keyboard player and drummer. During that time, Chris met two talented musicians and later decided to make music professionally.

Sweet Limb has always surrounded himself with music, even when he was a young boy. His voice stood out from the crowd, and he worked hard to hone his skills, not only as a singer, but as a writer and producer, too. 

The musical project of rising creative Chris Robinson, Sweet Limb channels DIY artistry rooted in candid lived experiences and soulful instrumentals. Raised by a single mother and overcoming depression, independence and perseverance have formed the pillars of this emerging artists life and music.

Striving to push the boundaries of R&B, Sweet Limb’s music is both conversational and relatable. Tapping into his real life experiences, as well the world around him, Sweet Limb writes what is in his heart and mind, and that authenticity connects immediately with the listener.

Sweet Limb is multi-talented artist who likes to listen hip hop, Jazz, R&B, and Indie Rock style music. He always observes things around him while writes music. Sweet Limb is an artist with a focus on making music that explores the variety of the contemporary R&B scene with a retro twist. He has released a handful of well-received releases, including the recent work Vibes.” He is a natural-born storyteller, and the lyrics that drive his music are very compelling and personal.

The “Vibes” is the most recent EP was released on 12/1/2022. He has worked hard to create “Vibes” and he is positive about it. He will undoubtedly remain one to watch over the next year as more new music is unveiled. A DIY musician who can do it all, it will be exciting to see how his journey unfolds.

The artists silky vocal flow works well with the instrumentals, locking in with the rhythm perfectly and creating beautiful synergy with the melodic parts.

The future is bright for this young talent and everyone is invited to the show. Stay tuned for his upcoming releases. You can find out more about Sweet Limb at below streaming and social media links: