Best Spyware to Catch a Cheating Spouse

Spouse cheating won’t catch you by surprise anymore – get familiar with your options and best tracking products available.

What Are the Statistics on Infidelity Among Married Couples?

With the spread of the internet, cheating levels are expected to increase significantly compared to, say, the last century. However, today different types of cheating are on everyone’s mouth, including online, emotional, and so on, which is not always recognized as infidelity in couples. Statistics say that 12% of married people admit to physical cheating, with the percentage of men still higher than that of women, although the gap has narrowed in recent years.

How Do You Find Out If Your Spouse Is the Victim of an Affair or Is Cheating on You on Purpose?

Staying faithful is undoubtedly one of the most important pillars of every relationship, but in practice, it turns out that people tend to take risks when they are given favorable conditions. What fuels the fire is a sense of distance from the partner, which sometimes allows them to play the victim card, stating that their lover wasn’t good enough at being affectionate, loving, or supportive. Whatever it is, committing adultery behind the back of a person with whom you are still officially together cannot be considered the right thing to do, no matter how you slice it.

Modern Ways to Catch a Cheating Spouse:

Love today has the same challenges as many years ago – however, approaches to dealing with it have changed radically, thanks to technology.

Spy Apps

Many people who don’t want to waste valuable time until the truth comes out and who live with partners who are good at hiding the truth are now resorting to using online tracking apps to have concrete-proof evidence of cheating. Their advantage is that you can use catch a cheater apps without their phone access and get a list of almost all activity on the phone in addition to the location itself.

Tracking Devices

These come in the form of small devices that can be placed in pockets or purses and indicate where the person is heading at the moment. They are often used for tracking children, for emergencies, and of course, they can show the real place where your partner is going instead of where they told you.


Items like those used for wiretapping are a risky way to establish a partner’s infidelity. In addition, this can be a short-lived and inefficient way, since a person can simply leave an item of outerwear, for example, in another room.

Video Surveillance (at home and in the office)

If you are often away from home, you probably thought about using hidden cameras so that your house is not robbed for your absence. However, hidden cameras can also capture “domestic intruders” in the process of cheating, providing evidence to the other partner.

What’s the Best Spy App to Use:

Being readily available (usually running on a subscription basis), monitoring apps are becoming an increasingly popular way to expose the lies of an unfaithful partner. These are the most sought-after online products with top features at the moment.

#1 uMobix

This app is designed for Android and iOS undercover tracking. To kick it off, one should install software on the gadget of the person, after which the user will receive a continuous stream of updates from their device. Thus, from a well-designed user dashboard, you’ll be able to:

  • see their newly added contacts, SMS, and calls,
  • keep a close eye on their socials and messaging apps, with both messages and media,
  • access their camera view or listen to surrounding buzz,
  • follow their daily routes via GPS tracker, and much more.

#2 FlexySpy

While they think their secret is protected, if they behave around you, you can reveal the true essence of your soulmate with FlexySpy. Among other things, the application offers call recording, location tracking, video and photo tracking on the target device. Their offer also includes a separate computer tracking subscription.

#3 XNSpy

This is another fully packaged solution for cheating spouse tracking. In addition to call and SMS details, users also receive notifications about the keywords they have tagged. Messengers that are often used for intimate chats – WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Tinder, and Viber – are also included.

What to Do If Cheating is Confirmed?

It may be hard for you to believe this after exposing your loved one, but cheating does not always mean the end of the story. The most important thing is not to confront your spouse or partner when your emotions are running high but to take your time to come to your senses. At this time, you can clean up your mind with the advice of psychologists and coaches like Jessica Bolan – even if you have a bias against this approach, it’s worth a try because you have nothing to lose. 

Think about what you want to ask the cheater and analyze your relationship – whether you were there for them and they just took the opportunity, or there has been no close communication and emotional connection in your union for a long time. Whether it is worth continuing to fight to restore trust between you will depend on this.

What to Do If You Falsely Suspect Your Spouse of Cheating?

For a really strong bond, there are practically no obstacles that it cannot overcome – if you made a mistake and blamed your partner for something that didn’t happen, of course, you can’t just pretend that it should be so. Most likely, your spouse will want to understand what exactly prompted you to go in deep. Discuss your insecurities and your partner’s actions that you think make you feel that way. At the same time, respect and allow them space and time for their own interests.