@skopemag news – sunday – december 11, 2022 @ 4 pm est

@skopemag news – sunday – december 11, 2022 @ 4 pm est

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New Video/ Single – Amadeus360 ft. Craig G. & El Da Sensei — “Stakes Is High Revisited”

Finnish Rockers STANDING CREW release a punked up “First Noel” Single and Video with SODEH Records!

Sometime in mid November Standing Crew decided they would take the jump and disrupt your holiday playlists by drop their first Christmas song. The notoriety of how tight these guys are came through once again. It took one session and First Noel was born and recorded, ready to be unleashed!

French cold-wave/post-punk collective The last Waves streamed new EP ‘Under a black sun’

A couple of months after the release of ‘dark is the path’, French cold-wave/post-punk/dark-pop/indie-rock five-piece The Last Waves just released another EP called ‘under a black sun’ and available right now on Digital exclusive through Bandcamp and the main legal platforms (Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify, Tidal, etc.).

Intimate R&B for Holiday Season / 3X Billboard Charting Artist

While the original version of “That Feeling” was produced by three time Grammy Award winning producer Troy Taylor (Trey Songz, Whitney Houston) and multi-platinum G Sparkz (Meek Mill, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Young MA), the acoustic set uses dialed back soundscapes to lean into the gravity of Creuzot’s vocals while further developing an emotional depth to pair with the thematics of heartbreak, tenderness, and acceptance. The use of melancholic piano, diluted guitar, and ethereal harmonies lifts Coline’s awe-inspiring vocals to the forefront of the track, creating an air of intimacy and genuine intent. The nature of “That Feeling” is meditative, focused on appreciating the highs and lows of a past relationship and moving forward with grace. The acoustic version of the track allows time and space for contemplative thought as Creuzot dives deep into her own subconscious with careful vocal choices and contrasting moments of both power and restraint.

NEW album for WORMGOD – “Where Old Curses Rest” is out NOW!

After almost a decade from its latest sighting Wormgod returns from the grave with their first full length album.

Bearing the name “Where Old Curses Rest” to reflect the troubled production, but also the feeling of the 9 black metal hymns it features, the debut LP of the Romanian black metal duo features artwork created by the now celebrated artist Costin Chioreanu.

Rock Band Dali Van Gogh Shine International Spotlight on Horrific Chapter of Canadian History

“Bury The Lead” is a track taken from New Blood, Old Wounds EP out via Wormholedeath / Aural Music Group.

It’s been over a year since we as Canadians learned of the mass graves found at the Kamloops Indian Residential School site in British Columbia. In the weeks that followed, I wrote this song in frustration at hearing people claim that this was a long time ago, and as a society, we are better or more enlightened now.

The first of these schools opened 154 years ago. The last closed in 1996, during my lifetime. Yet in all of my schooling or years living in Canada, I had not once heard of the existence of these schools, let alone of the gross atrocities committed in them.

teepee – blind tomorrow

Dream pop duo teepee is coming back with new single “blind tomorrow” after more than two years since the release of their successful album Where the Ocean Breaks. This song, in which the duo returns to their vulnerable and melancholic aspect, is the first track of their forthcoming album which is going to be released in 2023. Guitars, reverbs, tangible harmonies, and relieving climax are included as always!