Shoe Mistakes to Avoid For Preventing Foot Pain

Foot pain is quite a common phenomenon and can come in the way of leading an active life. Overuse, injury, or conditions triggering inflammation involving specific tendons, ligaments, or bones in your foot may lead to acute foot pain. According to Mayo Clinic, arthritis is often instrumental in causing foot pain. Moreover, any nerve injury may lead to numbness, penetrating burning pain, or tingling. If you do not use proper footwear, it can stress your knees, feet, hips, and even your back since it may trigger improper function and alignment of tendons, ligaments, and joints. 

Expert podiatrists point out that the muscles in your upper and lower legs may need to put in more work due to ill-fitting shoes and which results in pain and fatigue. Wearing the right shoes can go a long way in preventing foot pain. Moreover, you can rest assured of enjoying overall good health provided you wear the perfect pair of shoes. 

During the COVID-19 global pandemic, more and more people were jogging and walking since gyms were closed. As a result, we were coming across more individuals with foot troubles. More and more people were working from home and walking around without wearing any slippers or socks. As such, numerous foot issues developed gradually such as joint pain, plantar fasciitis, and more. Whenever you experience shooting pain in the heel, it indicates that you may have developed a planter fascia inflammation, and it is particularly common in runners. To avoid painful foot pain issues, it is critical to choose footwear not relying solely on how nice it looks, but by evaluating its features for comfort and protection. Some shoe mistakes to avoid while buying shoes.

Not Replacing Shoes with Worn-out Heels

Sometimes, you may find that one side of your sneaker’s heel may become more worn out than the other side. It is supposed to be a common phenomenon. Some people are in the habit of leaning more toward one side than the other. It is best to replace the shoes with damaged soles because it is not healthy for your ankle and foot health to carry on in this imbalanced way.

Not Buying a New Pair of Running Shoes More Often 

According to traditional wisdom, a pair of new running shoes may be used for 160 kilometers before substituting it with a new pair. According to experienced podiatrists, if you run 8 kilometers, 4 or maybe 5 days a week, you need to get your running shoes replaced every month. Even though it looks like an expensive affair, it is a good habit to change frequently your running shoes. When you indulge in excessive mileage, the shoe’s sole and the cushioning under your feet will tend to wear down. Your feet require adequate padding for comfort and proper support. Runners should never ignore any pain in their hip joints, ankles, feet, and knee since it could be caused by overused running shoes.

Not Wearing Shoes with Proper Arch Support

Shoes with proper arch support may help rectify your feet’s alignment and even boost overall comfort. Footwear with arch support works best for people with flat feet with high arch issues. Buy special orthopedic shoes or shoes with custom-tailored insoles. Do not neglect consistent discomfort or pain. 


Do not ever get bogged down by foot pain. In case you are experiencing any pain, tingling sensation, or discomfort in your feet, you may consult a podiatrist after initial consultation with a healthcare provider. It may be necessary to buy shoes with proper arch support or additional heel. Always choose the right pair of shoes to maintain foot health.