Payback LTD Review – Money Lost to Crypto Scams Can Be Recovered

There are many reasons why millions flock to the crypto industry that promises easy money and huge returns on investments. However, it is also a perilous domain with thousands losing their livelihoods. Payback LTD is a company that specializes in recovering money lost to scam artists and Ponzi schemes proliferating in the crypto industry. If you fell victim to a scam or lost money due to a security breach, you may still be able to recover what you’ve lost by working with this company.

Why is Payback LTD so popular?

In 2008, Bitcoin was introduced to the world but was limited to a small community of tech geeks interested in the idea of digital money. However, by 2016, people knew that there was indeed value in having a decentralized digital asset that cannot be governed by any centralized entity. The benefits of the concept were evident.

Over the last decade, the crypto industry turned into a field with rich soil where all types of companies and startups could easily gain ground and start scaling their services based on blockchain technology. At the same time, the hype surrounding the whole industry created a perfect environment for scammers.

In 2021, more than half of all scams on Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook were somehow related to crypto. Payback LTD managed to identify the moment when it was beneficial for them to switch from general investigations and legal practice to offering a new unique service — recovering money lost to crypto scams.

How does Payback LTD conduct its investigations?

The company has a time-tested system and can deliver results very quickly. Although, everything depends on available information, hard evidence, and other factors. If investigators have more documents, screenshots, and recordings, they will have a simple time tracking down and identifying scammers.

  • Initially, you will be interviewed by a specialist who will also gather evidence from you.
  • Collected information is used to track scammers using conventional and unconventional investigation techniques. 
  • When criminals are found, you will receive a notification and discuss how to approach the situation further.

In many cases, clients prefer simply to settle for a fixed compensation. Payback LTD will negotiate on your behalf to threaten scammers with legal action and pursuit. Many will be scared and simply agree to pay back at least a portion of the stolen money. It is the safest and most reliable way of recovering funds.

Another option is to take the intel obtained by Payback LTD and use it to get law enforcement involved or hire a team of legal counselors and private detectives to hunt down the criminal. Either way, you will lose more money and may not be able to achieve any meaningful results.

Receiving a preliminary quote from Payback LTD

The company does not guarantee that you will get your money back. The initial investigation can be quite expensive. Usually, a preliminary quote will be formed after the first interview. You will receive a full breakdown of all costs associated with the service. The total price of the service depends on a variety of factors.

Each case is individual and will be approached as such. You may be required to pay in equal portions or agree to give the company a cut of recovered funds as compensation for their efforts. It depends on the situation.

In general, the price will be way less than what you can recover even if you agree on a settlement with scammers. Even a portion paid back will recoup all costs associated with the investigation and the service.


Payback LTD is offering a valuable product that grows in popularity with the expansion of the crypto industry. If you or your relatives fell victim to crypto scammers, you can contact the company and discuss your chances to recover funds. For many people, it is the question of long-term financial stability. Do not hesitate and start the recovery process now.