RBT Review – A Reliable Broker

RBT is one of the most reliable brokers with fantastic trading opportunities and experiences for different traders. Here is the broker’s review.

RBT Review – A Reliable Broker


RBT is a trusted global broker. The broker operates in over 180 countries, ensuring platform traders have a global market reach. Moreover, traders can access various assets on the platform, including cryptocurrencies, commodities, real stocks, shares, forex, and CFDs.

RBT is trusted by traders for several reasons. Among the most important reasons is that the broker has existed for quite some time. Many traders have benefitted and are still benefitting from the broker, which provides strong confidence in its ability to do what it promises.

Moreover, RBT is not a niche broker. It does not target a particular segment of traders. Instead, the broker caters to any trader, whether new or experienced. And this ensures a broader target base for this broker. It also understands and tries to meet the specific needs of each market segment.

What Are the Pros and Cons of RBT?

Pros  Cons
A broad range of trading assets Not available in some countries
Excellent customer support
Access to a global market
Free and easy account opening

What Makes RBT Stand Out?

RBT is always trying to outdo competitors in providing the best online trading experience. In line with this principle, the broker has continued to adopt and horn certain features worth noting. 


If there is an area RBT has excelled in, it is innovation. The broker has made innovation part of its underlying strategy and agenda. And this is evident in the innovative tools and applications it has embraced. 

RBT has a very innovative trading platform. The web platform is interactive and intuitive, providing all the support traders need. Apart from the basic features of trading platforms, this broker’s trading platform also integrates quality research and education content.

Global Market Presence

Online trading differs from offline trading because geographic or regional boundaries do not limit the former. Today, online traders want more comprehensive global market access, which is what RBT offers. The broker is available in over 180 countries spread across all world regions.

For a trader, having such broad global market access is essential. It expands your trading opportunities and limits your trading risks. The broker is keen on ensuring traders using the platform get the best from a truly global trading experience. Other brokers have limited market access or are unavailable in some regions.

Exceptional Customer Service

RBT has an excellent customer support system. It all begins with having a dedicated account manager for each trader. The account manager directly helps traders with their questions and problems through email or phone calls. However, other round-the-clock customer support channels include Online Live Chat, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram.

Having numerous customer support channels is one thing, but having them work effectively is another. For RBT, the dedicated team of customer support responds swiftly and respectfully to all traders. What’s more, you can communicate with the team in various languages. And this is vital because it gives this broker a wider reach. 

Demo Account 

RBT has a demo trading account. And this helps traders test their trading skills before they can use real money to do so. While having a demo account is not unique to this broker, what stands out is the limitless exposure to the trading account. Usually, other brokers with demo accounts will limit the number of times one can use the demo account. For RBT, you don’t have to worry about such time constraints. 

Opening Account and Trading Experience

To start trading on RBT, you must open a free account. All you need is a device and an internet connection. Then you can begin the simple and short process. First, you click on the ‘Open Account’ link. Second, follow the instructions, including providing personal details and credentials, and finalize.

The final step is to fund your account. Like other brokers, RBT has a minimum deposit requirement if you use a standard bank transfer. However, you can take advantage of the alternatives of depositing using credit cards, debit cards, or Apple Pay which require a minimum deposit of only $20.

Once registered, you can access over 6,000 trading instruments across different asset classes on RBT. They include over 5,000 shares, 500 cryptocurrency pairs, 150 Forex pairs, 35 commodities, and 20 indices.

Trading is seamless, and you won’t experience unnecessary lags. The integration of AI tools makes the trading experience smooth and fast. For example, it takes very few minutes to withdraw your money. 

RBT Fees and Commissions

RBT is very transparent regarding fees and commissions. The broker does not charge any non-trading fees. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about withdrawal, deposit, or dormant account fees. And this makes the broker one of the cheapest and most attractive for traders, especially beginners with limited financial resources.

RBT Final Verdict

RBT is one of the most affordable brokers that offer a wide range of trading opportunities and global market access. You may contact this broker for more information. 

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