Pre-Order Furniture, It’s Better!

When you are not in a hurry to get your furniture or other product, and you want to save money on your purchase, Pre-Ordering your item is a great alternative to buying it now. When you Pre-Order, you save the seller money because they do not have to store the inventory for your product and they can consolidate the materials with other customers who have ordered the same thing. This means that they can buy in bulk and pass those savings on to you. One thing that retailers struggled with during the lockdown was an overabundance of stock that sat in warehouses collecting dust and costing money in storage costs. When that happened, more companies looked for solutions to save themselves and their customers’ money and one of those solutions was pre-ordering.

Companies such as Icon By Design will offer a 20% rebate on solid wood furniture and other products they sell that are pre-ordered for the following reasons:

  • They save money by not having to store the products in a warehouse or worry about having an overstock of an item that may or may not sell. Storage fees and warehousing costs can eat into the profits if a product sits for too long.
  • They can consolidate the purchase with other customers who have ordered the same item. You and other customers may wait a little longer, but you will save 20% on the same quality product.
  • Bulk pricing on consolidated orders saves them money and they can pass that on to you.
  • Paying for pre-orders upfront provides the financing for the purchase which saves on interest fees and those savings are passed on to the customer.

IconByDesign offers high-quality Scandinavian and Mid-Century furniture that is made with the finest oak and walnut that can be Pre-Ordered in bulk and sold at a discounted price. Buying high-end furniture is more affordable when it comes with a 20% discount when pre-ordering. Consider looking for cheap furniture stores offering high-quality pieces of furniture.

Pricing: Pre-Order vs Buy Now

There is no difference in the quality of a pre-ordered product versus one that you can purchase immediately. They are both made with the same materials and quality craftsmanship. The big difference is one is less expensive with a 20% discount because it isn’t available immediately. A pre-ordered item will take longer to get so if there is a reason you need the product before a certain date, it is always best to choose the buy now option. If you are not in any hurry then you can save yourself a lot of money for the same quality product.

Another benefit of Pre-Ordering

Another benefit to the customer with pre-ordering is you are guaranteed a certain product. If there is a unique design of a table or a special type of chair that is not yet available in the market, pre-ordering guarantees that once that item is in production, you will have it in your possession. There is also the added bonus of bragging rights when you are one of the first to have the newest model.

When time is not an issue, you can save yourself a considerable amount of money by pre-ordering rather than buying immediately.

The companies that offer this option are saving money on warehouse and storage fees, they are able to buy bulk by consolidating other customers’ orders, and they don’t have to borrow money to purchase the materials which cost them interest on loans. All of these factors result in enormous savings for the business and they can pass that on to the consumer. You can also feel secure knowing that the quality of the item is the same if not better than the one that you purchase right away.