How is Mimosa Root Bark Processed?

Native to Brazil, Mimosa Hostilis is grabbing attention worldwide due to its incredibly beneficial root bark. Mimosa root bark’s claim to fame is its powerful hallucinogenic and mind-healing properties. In addition, it is also beneficial for scalp health and slows down aging.

As for processing Mimosa root bark, it is not difficult and requires only a few minutes to get the job done. After processing, the root bark powder is used for its healing abilities or to solve skin problems. This guide sets out the process of processing the Mimosa root bark.

How is Mimosa Root Bark Processed?

There is no need to hire a professional to process the root bark as it requires no special tools or in-depth knowledge. It involves 3 to 4 easy steps before the root bark is turned into fine powder. Then, the Mimosa Hostilis root bark powder is used for the treatment of skin problems and wound healing.

First off, the root bark must be cleaned followed by removing the outer layer, shredding, and powdering. Following is the step-by-step guide for processing Mimosa Hostilis root bark processed.

  • Cleaning – Often, the root bark is covered with dirt and debris, therefore, it is a no-brainer that you have to clean it first to avoid infections and unnecessary trouble later. After cleaning, the next step is to separate it from its inner root bark while the remaining root can be discarded. The middle core or inner-root bark is quite different from the root bark in color and texture.
  • Separating the Outer Bark – The first step involves brushing the root bark to get rid of debris followed by lightly scrapping the outer bark with a sharp knife. Experts recommend peeling off some part of the outer layer to reveal the blackish and purplish layer underneath.
  • Shredding – Subsequently, the entire root bark is torn, smashed, or cut before moving on to the next step. At this stage, it will be converted into smaller pieces to make sure it can be easily powdered.
  • Powdering – Once the root bark has been shredded, all you need is an electric coffee grinder to turn it into fine powder. It takes ten seconds of grinding to turn it into powder form. However, there still may be some fibers left in the powder which can be separated using the strainer. The root bark powder will pass through the strainer leaving the fibers behind which can be discarded later.

How Long Does it Take to Process Mimosa Root Bark?

It is not a lengthy process at all and only requires about 30 minutes, in some cases, even less. Grinding the shredded root bark takes a few seconds before it is powdered. Most of the time is spent on cleaning and separating the root bark from the middle core.

Wrap Up 

Turning root bark into a powder does not require you to follow a fancy procedure or have special tools. Moreover, many online websites sell powdered Mimosa Hostilis root bark to save you the hassle.