The Matt O’Ree Band Present ‘Hand In Glove’ Album

“Hand In Glove” shows off the incredible chops of the Matt O’Ree Band in creating a wild, animalistic fury of classic rock n’roll. Stylistically they bring together gospel, soul, southern rock, and the blues into a cacophonous whole. Guitar work proves to be exceptional for they touch upon the unruly spirit of AC/DC at their prime, and Van Halen at their most anthemic. In a just world these would be the sort of track blasted out of every car speaker. They infuse their work with such muscle for there is a living, breathing quality to each piece. Best of all the album comes together into this cohesive whole making the entire thing an epic journey.

Pure swagger opens things up with the confident stance of “Whole Lotta Nothin”. By far the highlight of the album comes from the double-pronged attack of “Hand In Glove”. The female vocalist is pure fire blazing on through with such intensity. With “Stepping Stone” they take on a reflective quality for the song builds itself up into a driving, reflective groove. A communal presence on “Better as I Go” has a defiance to it. Dripping with a psychedelic sheen the acidic “This Reality” brings to mind a little bit of Jimi Hendrix’s skill with the guitar. Rather lovely, “He Loves Me Anyway” strips things down to the bare bones going for a vulnerability instead of bombast.

The Matt O’Ree Band goes for the ferocious on the steely-eyed gaze of “Hand In Glove”.