New Video By Chloe J – “So Perfect”

Enamored with the endless creative possibilities of music, Chloe J has worked toward the goal of international stardom from an early age, belting out tunes as soon as she could speak. By age 5, she was already booking gigs all around Las Vegas, even singing a solo with Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, Clint Holmes. As her confidence and skills grew, she began experimenting with sounds inspired by some of her favorite musicians, including Beyonce, Adele, and Billie Eilish, creating effervescent pop hits that touch on what she finds meaningful in the world. Driven with a mission to use her voice as a force of positive change, the budding artist continues to reinvent what mainstream music can be today. With back-to-back singles coming up in 2023, Chloe J is gearing up for her biggest year yet and is ready to shine under the spotlight.

In Chloe J’s latest hit, “So Perfect,” she wonderfully captures the mystical nature of human existence and purpose. The pop anthem is thoughtfully crafted with introspective lyrics that float above the bouncy trap beat, allowing her vocals to glimmer. The eclectic song touches on the beauty of life and how everyone, regardless of race, color, religion, size, or orientation, is perfect in their unique way. The music transcends this message to new heights, where Chloe J is presented as an omniscient alien-like avatar whose voice echoes through the galaxies. Bending space and reality, the visual prompts fans to dig deeper into their realities and perception of “perfection.” The heartfelt song is a testament to Chloe J’s impeccable artistry and ability to curate music that resonates with all audiences.

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