WestStein Prepaid Virtual Mastercard

WestStein financial service provides its clients with a unique opportunity to issue a virtual card for free, and most importantly, promptly and without visiting a physical branch. The advantage of the offer lies in the fact that any consumer can get an anonymous account, as well as a comfortable payment instrument. WestStein’s virtual prepaid Mastercard is free from the disadvantages of its physical counterparts, and is also directly designed for online shopping. To learn more about our product, we recommend reading this article.

Prepaid card: features and benefits

Before ordering a Mastercard prepaid card, you should familiarize yourself with its functionality. In fact, such a card is quite similar to debit carriers. You can also add personal funds to it, pay with it anywhere, and also make money transfers. Of the differences: the absence of a credit share and complete confidentiality of data. That’s right, the card from WestStein does not imply an overdraft, so its owner must rely only on his own funds. Anonymity is guaranteed by the fact that the card is not tied to the holder’s main bank account, so the client is completely protected from the unintentional dissemination of personal information.

If we talk specifically about digital payment instruments, then they cannot be lost or damaged, which makes such media inaccessible to intruders. Online purchases are protected not only by individual details, but also by the Mastercard 3D Secure system. If the cardholder adheres to all security recommendations, then the risk of losing money from the account is minimal.

How to open a free online account?

To become our client and receive a digital card, you need to register on the WestStein.com website and pass verification. Our experts are always ready to help consumers – customer support is available at all stages of cooperation in a format convenient for you.

Don’t worry, you won’t need to collect an extensive package of documents to pass authorization. We have made sure that there is a minimum amount of paperwork and other clerical procedures. Becoming our client and opening a virtual account is extremely simple – see for yourself!