5 Trading Tools Crypto Investors Should Know

If you are a fraudulent trader of crypto or have been around for some time, then you can step into this area only by understanding the attractiveness of crypto trading. Although crypto trading has been considered highly profitable, it can also be very harmful to your financial health if you do not use it properly. Using the right methods of trading involves not only the mindset required but also the proper crypto trading tools, and it will be better for you to choose the one that we have listed in this article. Read on to learn more about the factors affecting bitcoin mining profitability.

Trading Tools for Crypto Investors:


Users associated with 3Commas are offered a wide range of facilities, with the most popular being the trading terminal. The terminal allows people to connect to crypto exchanges like Bittrex, Binance and Poloniex with the help of an interface. All the users can make their trading decisions on these exchanges simultaneously. In addition, you get many other features while trading, including Take Profit and Trailing Staff Loss which is specially designed to maximize profits in real time.

In case this doesn’t suit you in any way, 3Commas has a contemporary discount portfolio value and trending weight that enables crypto traders to get more value out of their trades. Can copy portfolios with established traders as well as emulate their trading strategies.


Binance is one of the most recognized crypto exchanges in the world which has proven to be a standard form for its entire trading industry. Binance became one of the top three exchanges just a few years after it appeared in the world. The primary reason behind the stupendous success of its platform has been attributed to its team, which has been able to meet the needs of its business clients and serve them well. Plus, its regular contests, prizes and unique airdrops are proof of this. It is charged 0.1% which helps cause the lowest destruction in the entire industry.

You are charged when you start trending and you can use BNB token as payment and also get 50% discount on fee.


Coingy was established in the year 2014 and is widely used as a platform in the crypto market. More than 45 exchanges and trading charts are also supported along with its platform quality support. There are many other platforms that do not support many exchanges, giving Coingy a unique advantage over its competitors. In addition, you can also buy developers’ historical data in it so that they can use it to create strategies as well as to experiment to trade for themselves.


coinmarketcap has become one of the best options for all the users who check the quantity, prices, and supply of its coins. Also, their robust API enables users to extract data in their interface. In which to make good decisions, you need to know what other players in the market should pay attention to.


Koinly which is a trading tool as well as it is considered very useful for veterans as much as for beginners. This tool allows you to keep track of cryptocurrencies on multiple exchanges. Also, it informs you about the coin position of your portfolio. Plus, you can track the movements of this market with the help of its practical graphs and charts and you can crack the code of bitcoin in bitcoinup to make smart trading decisions.

Wrapping up

There are also many other crypto trading tools available in the market, which are discussed in the blog which are some of the best coins and some of the most popular. This guide will help you maximize the return on your crypto investments.