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On the website there is all the information about cricket that every self-respecting fan of this sport should know. And it also contains news, predictions and promo codes with large bonuses and generous gifts.

What do you know about cricket besides the fact that it exists? Have you seen the players in action, heard the enthusiastic reviews of fans or do you know how much viewers earn from their hobby? The site’s creators know everything about cricket and are ready to share this information. If you want to get acquainted with an exciting sports discipline and get some nice bonuses, there is no better place.


Just about a difficult sport on the site

Cricket is considered a rather difficult sport, but it still has more than a billion fans worldwide. On the website experts talk about it as simply as possible so that even a person who hears about the discipline for the first time can understand it as much as possible. Here you will learn absolutely everything about the game, starting with the history of the appearance and ending with the background of the most popular modern players. All the information is well structured, it will not be difficult to find and study the necessary section.

What you can read on the service:

  1. Rules of cricket. A full description of what is happening on the court with an explanation of specific sports terms. Very soon, you will begin to understand why a bat is different from a baseball bat and why the leading players are constantly running from place to place.
  2. Teams and ratings. Cricket is played in 104 countries, fielding its representatives at local and international competitions. At the same time, the sport’s popularity continues to grow, thanks to which new clubs appear that seek to occupy their niche. On the website, you will find a description of the national and club teams, their position in the ranking and the chances of promotion further. All this will help you quickly figure out the intricacies of small tournaments and large competitions.
  3. Schedule of matches. You should probably see the dates of future events in national and international tournaments live.
  4. News. Everything that happens in and around the cricket world. No gossip and speculation — only proven facts about real events.
  5. Bookmakers. A huge advantage of this sport is that it allows you to get double pleasure: from a beautiful game full of excitement and drama and from a big win that can make your wallet an order of magnitude thicker. It is easy to win in cricket, which numerous fans of this game use. However, scammers do not take advantage of your interest (like those who came up with a non-existent league). We recommend using the services of only verified bookmakers who have passed a thorough check and selection before being included in the list on the site.
  6. Predictions. If you decide to use the services of one of the bookmakers but don’t know which team to choose, go to the tab with predictions. Professional sports analysts make a map of future matches, taking into account the weaknesses and strengths of both teams, the coverage on the field and even the weather. Predictions are available to all page visitors, regardless of which bookmaker they turn to.
  7. Promo codes. This is the most enjoyable part, which appreciates the greatest attention of the guests of the service. On the website, you will find combinations, thanks to which you can significantly increase your deposit and get other buns from the company you are interested in. You no longer need to delve in the forums and choose the current code from dozens of options — they are all collected in one place. You have to copy the most profitable option.

All this joy is offered to users without any additional conditions. You do not need to register, view advertising hours or buy a subscription — all the materials posted on the site are available to any visitor and are ready to benefit and profit.

Reasons to log in to

Good things, like valuable services, do not need advertising. Thousands of people speak for them, who have already managed to appreciate all the charms of finding the right information at this address. Seasoned cricket fans can go to without special reasons — they know perfectly well that they will always find answers to their questions. Beginners will like to move from section to section and get interesting and exclusive information that can be used to their advantage.

Advantages of the service:

  1. Only truthful and verified first-hand information.
  2. The sections cover all parts of the sport that are interesting to fans, players and bettors.
  3. Predictions, bonus links and promo codes are available without payment and registration.
  4. The service offers a convenient website with easy navigation.
  5. For those who are uncomfortable using the browser, there are many alternative options — Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Telegram.

For those who are short of time to get acquainted with the service, exclusive promotions from bookmakers and online casinos will be a pleasant surprise. Many incentive programs for beginners and not only, which will allow you to embark on the path of excitement and earnings, are collected in one place, making it much easier to choose the best offer. No need to be scared to try new things — the unknown does not look scary at all when it is studied in advance, thanks to a convenient and helpful website for sports fans and earnings.

Answers to popular questions about the site

What can be found on

Information about cricket, rules and tips, description of teams and their position in the standings, forecasts for future matches and promo codes for popular bookmakers.

Who needs a website

Those who are just starting to get involved in cricket will be able to learn about their new hobby “from scratch” here. And for mature fans who have been in the topic for years, it is much easier to keep track of ratings, tournaments and news when they are gathered in one place.

What promo codes are available on

A whole section of the site is dedicated to bonuses and gifts that users can receive. For the announcement of promotions, the platform is used by both large BM, which has earned a reputation among bettors, and small offices, verified by representatives of the site.