How To Enjoy A Music Festival And Have The Best Experience

Are you planning to attend the next Coachella or the Pitchfork music festival? Are you a big-time Dua Lipa or a Wiz Khalifa fan, dying to see them perform in live concerts? If yes, then you deserve to enjoy the festival without any hiccups. However, the experience of attending music festivals can also turn sour if you are not well prepared. We have compiled for you 5 worst scenarios you should avoid and ways to address them when attending music festivals. Take a look.

Watch Your Feet

Music festivals are a delight to attend. However, they can turn energy-draining if you aren’t wearing the right footwear. You might need to stand for long hours and days. Typically, these festivals can be crowded. And the sight of someone stepping on your feet can sound scary but is a frequent phenomenon. Hence, we recommend that you wear a comfortable pair of lightweight shoes that can give you a relaxed feel all around the festival. Choose comfort over style. Plenty of stylish, comfortable shoes for men and women are available on the market. Also, if you are attending an outdoor music festival, you should consider wearing more breathable footwear like sandals or loafers to stay blister-free. 

Keep a tab on your smartphone’s battery life

Remember that your smartphone battery has a lifespan. That one insta Reel, Story or a Tiktok video you’ve been thinking of posting and Alas! The battery drained. A music festival is fun, and there are several moments you want to capture forever. If you do not want to miss capturing your favorite singer performing live or clicking snaps of the event with your friends, you should carry a portable phone charger with you. In that way, you can enjoy the festival, live record the performance and click as many photos and record videos as possible without having to worry about a dying battery throughout the festival.

Carry Side Bag

Of course, you won’t bring a large and heavy purse to a music festival, but even a lightweight purse can be an obstacle in your path to enjoying the music festival. Rather, it is advised to bring side bags which is a perfect and convenient alternative to conventional purses. We recommend you pick a side bag with lots of pockets to keep your cash, phone, lipsticks, and other essentials. It is better to travel light to get the best experience. Keep your jewelry, clothes or other valuables at home to avoid the risk of losing or getting them stolen.

Try to stay with your group

Music festivals are crowded and typically receive a massive footfall. The high volumes of people can make it easier for you to sway away from your group. Sometimes, the cellphone network might also be unreliable. In that case, it cannot be easy to contact your friends. Hence, it’s best to plan a designated spot to meet in case anyone is separated. 

Plan well in advance

Music festivals can have various performances from different bands, and you might be tempted to attend the maximum of them. However, many bands perform simultaneously, and the stages are quite distant from each other. If you do not plan out which performances to attend well in advance, you will do significant walking, straining your body and feeling tired even before you have started to enjoy. 

The music industry has seen wide popularity in recent years, and several new events rock the stages in the US each year. And every year they are turning bigger and better. Keeping these helpful points in mind can enhance your music festival experience leaving you wanting more.