4 Tips On Choosing A Vape

With so many types of vapes available, it’s easy for a beginner to get overwhelmed. There are too many things to consider. But don’t worry because this guide will give you tips to narrow down your decision.

Consider Battery Life

Battery life can differ for different vaping devices. For example, mini devices will have shorter battery life than larger ones. 

You’ll also have to determine how much you intend to vape. If you only vape when you feel the urge to, something that’ll fit your pocket would be best. But, if you are a heavy vaper, larger devices with longer batteries should last a day.

Think About Why You Want To Vape

You first need to ask yourself why you want to vape in the first place. If you are trying to transition from smoking to vaping, pod mods and cig-a-likes may help you more psychologically since they are the closest thing to smoking a real cigarette.

If you’ve fallen in love with the vaping community and want to create stunning clouds, vape devices with large tanks and higher power outputs should be right up your alley.

Try Different Flavors

Another crucial part of choosing the right vape device is the liquid that goes into it. So it would be best to try out different flavors first. Maybe the vape store can let you taste a free sample of the flavor, or they can give you a customizable box with different flavored liquids.

There are plenty of available flavors out there. So plan out everything first.

Choose Your Aesthetic

With everything said above, now it’s time for you to combine all of them to choose your aesthetics. Do you want a device that stands out or something discreet? What about your vapor clouds? Would you like them to be odorless or sweet-smelling like strawberries? Aesthetics may not be as essential as the previous. But it can still play a role in your vaping experience.

What Are The Types Of Vapes?

You can break down vaping devices into four categories:

  •  Mods 
  • Pod Mods
  •  Cig-A-Likes
  • Vape Pens

There may be different devices today, like the elf bar bc5000, but most of them are just variations of the four above. 

Vape Mods

The latest edition of vaping devices in the vaping community is the vape mod, which is known for its advanced personalization feature and firepower. The term mod originated when vaping enthusiasts would modify their flashlights into vaping devices. Why? So they can produce more clouds.

Fortunately, today, vapes don’t look as sketchy as before because of commercial availability and mainstream adoption.

Vape Pens

Vape pens are cylindrical vape devices that come in various styles. They are like cig-a-likes but are larger with more battery and cloud production. People considered it innovative back in the mid-2000s. Today manufacturers incorporate different features into vape pens to make them unique from others.


You’ll typically see cig-a-likes in gas stations. They are good for entry-level vaping if you are a beginner. It got its name from its similar appearance to a real cigarette. The idea was to help smokers transition from smoking to vaping easier by mimicking the experience.

Pod Mods

If you want the latest popular vaping device, opt for pod mods. These are similar to cig-a-likes and use nicotine salt e-juices. Most people agree that pod mods are the upgraded versions of cig-a-likes since they are the closest thing to smoking a cigarette for now.


Choosing the right vape can be intimidating. But if you use the tips above, you won’t have any problems finding the perfect one that fits your mouth. So if you know anyone who wants to get into vaping, sharing this article should help.