How to create personalised gifts for your loved ones

Gifts are the best way of showing your loved ones that you’re grateful for them. You can choose to buy something if you’re not inspired, but customised gifts are appreciated more because it shows you put more energy into it. Personalised gifts might seem challenging, but here are a few tips on creating the best present for your loved ones.

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Make a plan

If you’re going to make something by yourself, first you need to have a plan. Make a list of all the unique things, the likes and dislikes the person you want to offer something to has, then do some research about what you’re going to create. Consider other guiding factors such as age, the field of study, personality, and hobbies.

It’s important not to worry too much about whether they will like it or not. You will impress them only by trying to do something different. And it’s not that difficult to find inspiration. For example, you already know what your friend likes, so you undoubtedly have plenty of ideas. If they like books, try something unusual and design a bookmark out of something around the house. For an animal owner, you can sew a cute bandana for their pet.

These gifts may not always be the best choice, so you can show your loved ones your appreciation by surprising them with hidden notes around the house. Post-it notes with jokes or encouraging messages can change their whole day.

Go for new accessories

It’s easy to place your present into a gift bag, but what if you spice things up and get more creative? There are many high-quality accessories at affordable prices to choose from when wrapping up your present. If you’re gifting something, add custom ribbons for special occasions like Easter, Christmas or another holiday.

When it comes to crafting, you could add more items to your present. For example:

  • Bakers twine: they’re useful in everything, from wrapping it around the present to making tassels, pompoms, bracelets and much more.
  • Ribbons: suitable for every type of gift; with a big range of colours and designs, you can either use them to decorate or create ribbon flowers, Christmas ornaments and even a ribbon tassel keychain.
  • Stickers: they’re fun to add to everything, and you can give a fun selection of stickers or directly stick them to the gift card next to a cute message.

Involve them in the process

If you want to create a gift and prepare a memorable surprise, you can involve the person you’re giving the present to. This way, you’ll both have fun, making everything less difficult. For instance, if you plan on baking a cake, ask them to decorate it however they want to.

Or, if you’re not confident about that, try a creative way of giving it. For example:

  • Organise a gift hunt, where you list a few clues that will lead them to their present.
  • Have a game of riddles or questions that need to be solved to get their gift.
  • Set up a quick trip and, at the end of it, present your gift at the most unexpected time.
  • If you’re planning to give money, you can fill balloons with cash and encourage them to pop the balloons to get their gift.

You can organise these activities alone or with other friends or family members. Remember, the purpose of the gift is to make that person feel good, but you can adapt how you’re giving the present and adopt a more interactive approach. If you have young friends, they will be excited about adventures!

Try sustainable gifts

Personalising and sustainability go hand in hand because you can make something out of everything around the house. If you enjoy being creative, you’ll have plenty of items to choose from. Besides, a gift doesn’t have to be beautifully wrapped all the time; you can offer someone a special coffee that you made or bake cookies with their favourite flavours. Either way, here are some ideas you could try:

  • Candles made out of fruit shells: you can use lemons, oranges, grapefruits or anything that can hold the wax. Hollow your fruit, pour boiled wax and don’t forget to put a wick while pouring.
  • Lip balm: you only need coconut oil, beeswax and essential oil. It takes around five minutes to prepare it, and you only need to melt the first two ingredients.
  • DIY toy for dogs: if you got any old clothes, try making a knotted toy out of fabric scraps.
  • Tote bag: useful and fun to have; a tote bag can be made from scratch by sewing it or buying a simple fabric bag and decorating it. 
  • Fabric flowers: you can make them out of old sweaters or other fabrics. The easiest fabric flower craft is by rolling a coloured fabric, pinning something in the middle (like a pearl), and glueing it. 

Matching gifts

When it comes to strong bonds like friendships, matching items is the best gift choice. You can adapt almost everything to match, from keychains to phone cases. For couples, you can try matching clothes or personalised cups. But if you want a personal touch to your matching presents, try these ideas:

  • Matching friendship bracelets: you only need thread and a pattern to follow. Make sure both bracelets are the same. If you want, you can add your initials to them.
  • Matching rings: you need copper wire, a wire cutter, and small beads. Most of these rings are made by braiding the wire. In the end, you bend the end and seal your ring.
  • Matching hoodies: buy simple, plain hoodies and you can either draw/write something on them with a fabric pen or make tie-dye hoodies by soaking them in a dye solution.

To sum it up,  you should enjoy the process and craft a meaningful gift; it doesn’t have to be practical. There are many items around the house that you can use, especially when they’re not useful for you anymore.