Georgia Jones Presents ‘Ruins’

An inspirational piece of pop perfection, Georgia Jones bares her very soul on “Ruins”. Buildup on here proves exceptional. The song’s rise from its hushed origins is downright joyful. Her voice continues to rest right in the center of the whole thing. Beyond this, elements of EDM, electro, pop, and classical emerge, blending themselves together into a singular style. Volume too gains in intensity as it has a grandeur to it one that refuses to let go. Word choice matters quite a bit for she brings a sense of poetry into the proceedings resulting in this thought-provoking stance.

Virtually whispered at first the song comes into focus with such delicacy. She makes sure that every element seemingly gets suspended in the air before gently touching down. These wisps of melody are further explored with each reiteration of the groove. Rhythms here matter and though fragile at first, they too gain a degree of confidence. With the increasing speed of the track, she brings it a symphonic beauty to the way it all swirls itself together. Over the course of the journey there is a great thoughtfulness to be felt. Done with such vigor she has the last section of the song to serve as truly hitting her stride. Now bursting with vivid colors the piece ends on a very high note.

“Ruins” proves to be one of those exceptional works of pop, with Georgia Jones creating a sound that speaks to the heart of the matter.