How Job Portals Can Help You with the Recruiting Process

Job portals (also known as job boards) are websites where a recruiter can post job ads and search for the right candidate(s). These forums have become a vital part of any hiring process. And if you know how to use it properly, you will get your hands on the most qualified person in no time. And it will not cost you much. Here are some suggestions that you can consider to optimize your search on these job boards for recruitment.

Know which job portals to use for your company 

Recruitment budgets are always low, so companies should know where to invest their money and effort. Investing in job forums that attract the most potential applications will provide you with a high investment return. Now the question is how can you locate the most effective employment portal?

Here’s how.

  • Try popular boards

Huge, mainstream employment sites will attract a large number of qualified applications. Examine which of them attracts the most competent applications.

  • Niche job boards can help

Specialty or niche job boards cater to a certain sector or corporate function. Some portals only operate to serve the purpose of a distinct company. If your company only recruits salespeople, a niche job portal will only provide you with such candidates. 

Provide an effective job description

An appropriate and effective job description connects you with potential job seekers. To encourage job hunters to apply, publish engaging and informative job adverts. You can –

  • Use simple and precise job titles

While posting ads on job boards like Niceboard, try to keep it as simple as possible. Use apt keywords and avoid any kind of jargon. An applicant will only find your ad if the job title describes the position accurately.

  • Share essential details

Candidates must be aware of the position’s location, key responsibilities, and the qualifications needed for the post. Including this info in your job postings will entice qualified people to apply and thus will reduce the number of unqualified applicants. 

  • Explain why you are a good employer

Let every job seeker know what your business is all about and why anyone would want to work for you. And if you happen to offer more than the basic salary (like incentives, free food coupons, night shift allowance), do not forget to mention it in your job posting. 

Show off your brand 

Some job forums let you create a personalized page on their platforms. They allow you to exhibit your organization’s story and work culture and convince potential applicants to apply to your firm’s job openings. You may include 

  • Videos and images of the actual workplace
  • Company’s history in brief
  • Employee opinions

Once you have figured out how to create an attractive page, do not let it go to waste, as you have to update it frequently to keep applications coming.


And yes, if you really want to find the right candidate, recruiting software can immensely help. They help you to publish ads in various free job forums with a single click. They give you maximum visibility. 

Now, you must try all these techniques to get the most out of these job boards.