Clay Fulton & The Lost Forty Throwing out ‘Positive Numbers’

Clay Fulton & The Lost Forty delivers a dominant performance on the new album titled ‘Positive Numbers’.  Based in Rochchester, Minnesota, Clay Fulton & The Lost Forty offers an authentic and engaging style that will attract many listeners from all walks of life.  ‘Positive Numbers’ is hitting on all the right notes and is a pure joy to listen to.

Clay Fulton & The Lost Forty is made up of six members and they are: Clay Fulton on vocals and rhythm guitar, Carly Hornstine on vocals, Peter Laack on keys, Mike Bentele on lead guitar, Nick Novotny on drums and Allan Palmer on bass.  Together, this roots rock band draws inspiration from classic American folk singers and current Indie rock acts.  Clay Fulton & The Lost Forty has a unique Pop influence that comes across as a genuine quality in their music.  With songs about love, life and everything in between, ‘Positive Numbers’ will grab your attention and keep you involved.

The record starts up with a stand-out track titled “Little By Little” that provides a BIG ‘n’ BOLD sound.  “Little By Little” offers an extremely catchy melody that pulls you in from start to finish.  Clay Fulton & The Lost Forty is playing at an extremely high level on “Little By Little” and this Minnesota group proves to be the real deal.  On the next song “Back To Bruges”, Clay Fulton & the Lost Forty supplies a solid delivery and just killed it on all levels.  Track three, “Best Years”, is simply stellar audio that is enticing to the ears and there is no need to save the “Best Years” for last.  We head into the title track next on “Positive Numbers” where a winning combination is played to go along with pristine vocals and fine-tuned instrumentation.  “Positive Numbers” offers a feel-good melody, wonderful production and a mighty performance from Clay Fulton & The Lost Forty.  Get ready for “Time Thief” next that provides an inviting sound that steals your undivided attention right out of the gates.  “Time Thief” is vibrant and full of star-studded notes that shine bright.  Track six, “Whiskey Brawls”, is cruising along at the perfect speed, so drink up all of the goodness and soak up all of the intoxicating chords.  It’s time to raise your glass and say Cheers to “Whiskey Brawls”.  Prepare yourself for one last musical blast “For The Road” as Clay Fulton & The Lost Forty is steering this song into the promised land of high quality tunes.  “For The Road” is headed in the right direction as we travel down this musical highway full of promise and hope.  

In the end, I am thoroughly impressed with ‘Positive Numbers’ and the overall efforts by Clay Fulton &  The Lost Forty.  This band is a force to be reckoned with, so watch out America and listen close because ‘Positive Numbers’ wins on all accounts.  Clay Fulton & The Lost Forty is destined for great things and ‘Positive Numbers’ is positively a step in the right direction.  Pick up your ‘Positive Numbers’ now; you can’t lose! 

By Jimmy Rae