Clay Fulton & The Lost Forty Giving You “Little By Little”

Clay Fulton & The Lost Forty provides an energizing performance and adds much excitement to the room with the band’s latest single titled “Little By Little”. This group is a six-piece roots rock band based in Rochester, Minnesota and “Little By Little” is a real gem. The group is made up of: Clay Fulton on vocals and rhythm guitar, Carly Hornstine on vocals, Peter Laack on keys, Mike Bentele on lead guitar, Nick Novotny on drums and Allan Palmer on bass. With elements and influences that range from Rock & Pop to Folk and Indie rock, Clay Fulton & The Lost Forty creates a style of music that will appeal to many.

As soon as you hit play, the listener will get smacked right in the ears with a BIG ‘n’ BRIGHT sound on “Little By Little”. There is nothing small about this song as Clay Fulton & The Lost Forty gives a stellar performance overall. The catchy hook ‘n’ melody will instantly draw you in on “Little By Little”. Add in cool-sounding vocals and rock-solid instrumentation and you have yourself one dynamite track! “Little By Little” is radio-friendly and certainly belongs on Top music charts across the nation. “Little By Little” is such an enjoyable listen from start to finish as the music truly pulls you in. Clay Fulton & The Lost Forty is playing at an extremely high level and will blow you away with a phenomenal set on “Little By Little”.

This band has a noticeable sound that will be appreciated by the masses and with relatable themes and lyrics, Clay Fulton & The Lost Forty can do no wrong. “Little By Little” is a HUGE success in my book and I’m sure this 6-piece band from Minnesota will be widely recognized by more and more people to come. Be sure to check out “Little By Little” by Clay Fulton & The Lost Forty and also SKOPE out the official music video right here:

By Jimmy Rae