Love Crushed Velvet Present “The Future”

New York City is the epicenter of glitz, glamour, and grandeur. But hidden deep in the underground, there is a moody disruption. Restless creatives are looking to break through surface-level materialism and opulence to show the grittiness of the city. Fueled by melody and rage, Love Crushed Velvet is on the rising scene of modern contemporary music, shaking up the industry. The alternative rock band was formed in 2008 by lead singer and songwriter A.L.X. Their songs climbed to the top of electronic music blogs across the internet, garnering attention that eventually landed them as a featured artist in the game Rockband 3. Their fusion of classic rock, post punk, and modern alternative gives Love Crushed Velvet their unique edge as they explore the dark underbelly of the city and the many lessons to learn from it.

Love Crushed Velvet’s latest single, “Future,” takes listeners on a joyride of pure reckless fun. With a solid backbeat, the band cruises through bold hooks and electric choruses that instill a feeling of carefree abandonment. The cascading guitars, pumping drums, and raspy vocals offer a look into Love

Crushed Velvets’ exceptional talent in creating substance-based tracks. The visual is hypnotic and synched to the beat of the song, which follows a robot marching through a futuristic setting, signifying rebellion. The song is all about going against the grain and how the future is what you make it to be.

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