Juliet Oliver – ‘Calling Out All Narcissists!’ Introducing ‘Sociopath’

There is something about a country song that’s like a good wine. There’s a quality, a workmanship, a passion that goes into both.

Growing up on a vineyard in the South Australian wine region of McLaren Vale, 24- year-old singer and songwriter Juliet Oliver first discovered country music as an 11-year-old. Juliet’s song writing notebook was her version of a typical teenage girl’s diary, and so with her acoustic guitar in hand, she began crafting songs about her formative experiences.


Juliet’s trademark wit and sass is showcased throughout her often achingly-honest and genuine song writing. Through her experiences as a young adult, her sound has developed from the traditional country roots that she first fell in love with, into a unique fusion of country and pop, with a splash of Winehouse-jazz influence.

With a country attitude, there is definitely a little edge to Juliet Oliver, with a touch of classic. Juliet is true to herself, her experiences, and where she comes from. She writes what she lives, and her lyrics are curated with authenticity, like a glass of good wine.

About Sociopath

“There was a point in my life where I wasted a great deal of time pining over a twenty-something Sociopath. As the story goes, I was young and impressionable and fell victim to the all too commonly used tactics of a narcissist: gaslighting, triangulation and manipulation … all veiled in the name of love.

When I refused to play his chess games, he would call me crazy and tell all of his friends that I was insane. I guess he was right, because I decided to write a song about it.”

– Juliet Oliver 

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