VRBS New Album ‘The VRBS’ – self-titled

VRBS definitely harken back to that classic early aughts style of indie rock on the joyful “The VRBS”. Strong nods to the Strokes in all the right places mean that these songs linger on in the listener’s mind long after they have ended. Lots of it has a life-affirming aspect to it featuring wonderfully warm vocals that have a playful quality to them. Hooks aplenty are executed with the utmost of care for these pieces have an infectious energy. With layer upon layer coming into the fray the whole thing feels effortless in its own way.

The VRBS album offers its listeners the pleasures of a rock band. The self-titled album gives its audience something modern while avoiding clichés, making it distinct from other rock bands. Having listened to the band’s white and black albums, I can boldly say the band is unique. From the first song, I felt like it deserved my attention and my time. All the pieces are great from scratch. What I found striking about the album is that it carries different genres. The album delivers various kinds of rock music, such as punk rock, hard rock, and even classic pop-rock. The music has the best properties that carry you away as an audience.


The outstanding musicianship in the album is portrayed by the guitar riff, bass line and chant, among other instrumentals the band members used. The band is talented from the beats in different pieces; the vivid ideas they portray and how they play along with other genres are impeccable. It is incredible how the band gives detailed segments, the melody and how diverse they are. The songs are unblemished and deliver beyond what the audience expects, making them unforgettable. After listening, I guarantee you that the pieces will keep lingering in your mind while replaying the songs.

A giddy beat underpins the explosive opener of “Take Me Home”. On “New Drug” there is a great clarity to the overall sound for it veer wildly from left to right. Such a heavy grunge like swagger takes shape on the anthem of “Paper Claims”. Bass weaves its way through the gleeful “Without You”. By far the highlight of the entire collection comes from the sprawling ambition of “Under the Sea”. Here they slow things down a bit yet there is an inherent beauty to the way that the interplay unfolds. Distortion reigns supreme on the hard-edge attitude of “Closer” with the rhythm section working double-time. Wild energy permeates “Do You Remember”. Bringing it all to a close is the grace of “Down the Mountain” which ties together all that came before it.

The soothing vocals also add to the band’s excellent album. I can say the band is passionate about their work since they perform effortlessly, mixing and balancing different genres in one singular album. ‘Take Me Home’ is the opener that sets you into the mood and weaves you through all the pieces if you listen to it until the last song that wraps the rest together. The band did a great job on the self-titled album, and I recommend whoever has not listed to it to do it; it will not disappoint.

“The VRBS” revels in the exquisite detail of VRBS for they balance everything with a pitch-perfect singularity.