Musicians Who Were Famous For Gambling

Ever wondered what your favorite musicians do to unwind? It turns out, there are plenty of them who love to gamble. Just like you’re trying to perfect a strategy for playing blackjack, there’s probably a musician out there doing exactly the same thing.

Curious to find out which famous musicians were also known for their gambling habits? Read on.


Drake’s enjoyed an incredible career, and it’s interesting to learn that he spends quite a chunk of his income on gambling. We’re told he especially enjoys casino games, but he does like the odd sports bet, too.

There are reports out there that claim he lost $200,000 in a single night. That would be enough to bankrupt most of us, but for this superstar, it probably didn’t even touch sides. It probably didn’t bother him as he makes something like twice as much per concert.

Frank Sinatra

Everyone’s heard of Frank Sinatra at some point – whether it’s to do with movies, plays, music or just his general lifestyle. He was a true legend, and he enjoyed gambling. In fact, he loved it so much that his name was synonymous with glitzy Las Vegas.

We’ve read that he chased after the adrenaline rush of gambling so much, that he just couldn’t help himself. However, heaven help anyone around him when he lost. It’s said he had a massive temper that would lead to a fit of rage when he lucked out.

That aside, Sinatra loved gambling so much that he bought the Cal Neva Resort and Casino during the 1960s. Eventually, he sold it amidst rumors of illegal activities taking place in the casino – but it gives you a good idea of just how much he loved to gamble.

CeeLo Green

Ever danced to one of CeeLo’s songs? Try it – they’re fun, catchy and great for parties. But when he’s not creating music, CeeLo loves to gamble, especially the dice game called CeeLo (we wonder if that’s how he decided on his performance name).

The interesting dice game is unique and fun, so be sure to give it a try if you’ve never heard of it.

Lemmy Kilmister

Remember the band Motorhead? Lemmy was the bassist and singer of the band and an absolute music legend. Remember the song Ace of Spades? He wrote the hit to tell his fans just how much he loved to gamble. He even told reporters that most of the references in the tune were an ode to his card game losses. But, he said, without the losses, the genius and emotions of the song just wouldn’t work.

Lemmy was so well-known for his gambling habits, that a documentary made about him delves into his passion for playing slot machines and card games.

Gladys Knight

We’ve all heard of Gladys Knight, right? She was renowned for her soul music, a gift she so openly shared with the world. But she is also reported to have revelled in gambling. At the same time, she told reporters that her love for gambling went downhill and she did get herself into trouble, losing as much as $60,000 in just one night playing Baccarat. It goes to show, that no matter how big a star you are, chasing losses can harm your bankroll.

Although Gladys Knight was a self-proclaimed gambling addict, she worked through things and restored relationships that suffered due to her activities. You can find out all about this in her biography, something that’s often an eye-opener for players who have difficulty walking away after a loss or two.

Who’s your favorite musician? Perhaps they have a game they especially enjoy wagering on.