Leveraging Technology To Have a Successful Networking Event

Networking is all about building connections that will evolve into relationships. When you’re trying to accomplish this in an online meeting, the virtual setting might seem like an obstacle — but what if you treated it as an asset? Instead of letting tech limit you, you should leverage it, and you can start by installing a virtual background for Google Meet. Virtual backgrounds create a welcoming environment, even when you’re online, and help to facilitate the networking connections you need to build. There are plenty of other ways that you can use tech to host a networking event successfully, including chat applications, online icebreakers, and social media.

Use Chat Features

The basis of any networking event is talking. As people interact and get to know each other, they discover common interests, experiences, and professional goals. Talking is no less important in an online setting — it simply takes a different format. You can ensure that people connect by providing them with accessible and dynamic chat applications to facilitate conversation. Extra features like GIF capability and emoji menus make it even easier to have engaging interactions with fellow event attendees. This can closely replicate the energy of in-person conversations, and who doesn’t love a good GIF?

You can further facilitate networking by providing video capability to accompany chat features. Videochat is an incredibly dynamic tool that lets event attendees see each other, read facial expressions, and hear each others’ voices. It’s a more personal experience, and this intimacy lends itself to genuine connections. It’s also an ideal format for virtual icebreaker activities. Classic favorites like two truths and a lie are even more fun when they take place against a custom Zoom background. Try a share-out activity to get the ball rolling and introduce everybody to each other.

Take Advantage of Social Media

To facilitate networking online, one of the best ways is to get started before your event even begins. Social media is the most effective tool for doing so as it allows you to build hype and promote your event by tagging featured attendees, posting across multiple platforms, and incentivizing RSVPs. A social media marketing campaign can help build awareness of your event, but for successful networking, you may also consider using specialized online platforms such as Mighty Networks vs Kajabi. These platforms can provide a dedicated space for your event attendees to connect, collaborate, and engage with each other. By leveraging the power of social media and dedicated online platforms, you can maximize the networking opportunities of your event and help attendees build meaningful connections that last beyond the event itself.

You can even use social media as an integral part of your networking event. Connect activities with a social media component to encourage attendees to increase engagement and connect with each other online. A following game, for example, could encourage attendees to find as many of their fellow attendees’ social media profiles as possible in a short period of time. Activities like this incentivize networking and produce meaningful connections amongst your event participants. Use virtual office backgrounds during these activities to recreate the feel of an in-person event and further put participants at ease.