JaTavia releases new video for “One And Done”

JaTavia Akiaa is more than a great talent and singer with an impeccable sound. She is a survivor of very harsh circumstances and an example of sticking with your dreams through any adversities. The Arkansas native has garnered national recognition from appearing on American Idol and Lifetime Television because of her unique gifts, style, and story. Beyond the rising accolades and accomplishments, JaTavia is a woman that is determined to use her voice in various ways to impact other young ladies and the world.

JaTavia Akiaa was raised by her grandmother and experienced many difficult changes early in life, including severe bullying. Witnessing abuse in different forms took a toll on her as a young child, but her innate passion for singing and performing was part of her saving grace. JaTavia Akiaa always possessed an undeniable level of confidence when singing. It has always seemed like music was her calling. Belting out songs and captivating crowds at school talent shows would lead to her being discovered.

JaTavia eventually made it onto Lifetime TV’s Ms. T’s Music Factory and American Idol. She is a testament that the start of your journey can change to something much better.

JaTavia Akiaa continually devotes time to strengthening her voice and mind so that she can show up on the stage and in life and continue making all of her dreams a beautiful reality.