List of the Best Fashion-Oriented Transcription Services You Should Use in 2022

Transcriptionists have been in high demand in recent years. Getting quality transcription is more effective than listening to audio recordings over and over again. Today, it is useful in various fields. Doctors, podcasters, bloggers, students, teachers, journalists, lawyers, and businessmen – this is just a short list of those who use transcription in their daily lives. Transcriptions are also widely used in the fashion industry.

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Practice shows that the creation of high-quality transcription is an effective and time-saving way to extract information. For example, you have recordings of a webinar with important information that you need to listen to several times and remember. But replay takes a lot of time. Furthermore, if there is background noise in the recording or if the speaker has an accent, you risk missing out on a lot of important information.

There is a way to solve the problems associated with decoding audio and video recordings. You can buy transcription services for students and get an accurate transcript of your file in written form. There are many websites on the net that provide accurate, high-quality, and affordable audio transcription online and have million minutes transcribed. By visiting them, you will certainly get high-quality transcription made in accordance with your requirements. Find in this article a list of services that have a good reputation on the Internet and are ready to provide you with the best quality transcripts within the established deadline.

Comparison of Transcription Services: Automated Vs Human

Before telling you about the most reliable and trustworthy transcription services for your fashion audio and video recordings, it seems appropriate to indicate that there are two types of such services today. These include automated transcription services and professional human transcription services.  Automated speech recognition is a machine-based process of decoding and transcribing spoken language. And while automated transcription is certainly less accurate, it provides you with a text version of the recording very quickly. Automatic text decoding may be the right solution in the following cases:

  • You need a written version of the recording immediately;
  • You have a limited budget;
  • Audio recording is clear and without background noise;
  • You need a draft;
  • You have time for editing;
  • You want to get only certain keywords.

Despite significant advances in speech recognition software development, professional human transcribers still provide the most accurate service. Professional human transcription has a higher level of accuracy because, unlike automated transcription software, a human is able to isolate information in the presence of background noise. Another difficulty that a speech recognition program faces is related to accents and dialects. Because people are constantly exposed to different cultures and languages, they are able to decipher the strongest accents.

One of the quickest ways to determine if a transcript was made by a machine is to search for errors among homophones (these are two or more words that have the same pronunciation but different meanings). Speech recognition software must rely on a rigid sentence structure to determine the most likely word to use, which can often lead to errors. In addition, transcription software usually cannot identify individual speakers and ensure accurate decoding when two or more speakers are present. Whereas people can understand speech and identify multiple speakers even if their voices sound similar.

Professional human transcription is preferred in the following cases:

  • It is important for you to get a very accurate text version of the recording;
  • Your budget is not so limited;
  • You don’t want to edit the text yourself;
  • The ultimate goal of the work is the publication of materials;
  • The audio recording contains the voices of several speakers, or the speakers have a strong accent.

It is recommended to approach the choice of service responsibly, taking into account your goals and requirements for work. Only in this case you will make the right and informed choice and will be able to get what you need. 

Top Transcription Services for Your Fashion Audio and Video Recordings

In our list, you will certainly find a service that will make a high-quality transcription for you. Carefully review the brief description of each service.


This service is the best today and is suitable for any OS. To start using it, you just need to open the website and place an order. There is no need to download software to your PC. Therefore, do not worry that the memory on your device will be occupied.

Transcriberry offers you two types of transcription: human and automated. As for human transcription, it is performed by experienced experts who provide 99% accuracy of decryption. Automated transcription of audio and video recordings is carried out using automated software. The choice of service should depend on your needs and the source file. If high accuracy is not so important for you and the file is of good quality, choose automated transcription. Just upload the file to the site, wait 15 minutes, and get a text file. The cost of such transcription is approximately $0.25 per minute.

If there are accents in the recording, background noise, not very clear speech, and other factors that directly affect the quality of the transcript, it is better to use the human transcription service. Experienced specialists will work on decoding the recording. With good language skills, years of experience, the best equipment, and advanced speech recognition technology, they will be able to recognize even the most complex recording as best as possible. The term for transcription by specialists is only 24 hours. As for the cost, you will have to pay $1.25 per minute, since the work of a transcriptionist is very complex and painstaking.

Pay attention that you can also order foreign subtitles and translations on the website. This is very useful if you post your video on a specialized channel or blog since there is no need to look for separate specialists.


GoTranscript company was founded in 2006 in Scotland as an online translation and transcription agency. After many years of work, it has become famous all over the world and today has many regular customers. The platform offers a fairly wide range of services, including transcription, foreign subtitles, translation, and English captions. The cost of services is quite acceptable, but a little higher when compared to those offered by Transcriberry. Thus, for example, the price of transcription is $0.77 per minute, foreign subtitles – $8.50 per minute, English captions – $1.1 per minute, and translation – $0.06 per word. All services are provided by experienced professionals, which ensures their high quality in each individual case.

Transcription US

If you need efficient American English transcription, pay attention to the Transcription US service. It provides 98% accuracy. Like the Transcriberry online service, it has many experienced transcribers, who fulfill customer orders efficiently. If you are not satisfied with the work quality, you can request a refund since there is a money-back guarantee. 

Prices for transcribing audio to text are quite reasonable and transparent. You won’t encounter any hidden fees. The company supports many languages. However, in most cases, it provides assistance to students with thesis, dissertations, and other academic projects. Unlike Transcriberry, Transcription US cannot meet all the transcription needs of customers but is very useful for college students. The site is focused on transcribing group discussions, interviews, lectures, webinars, etc.

Be sure that your files are protected and that maximum privacy is guaranteed there. The cost is affordable but not fixed. The price of each order is calculated based on the requirements of the customer. For one minute of audio or video transcription, you should pay approximately 75 cents – $1.50. However, the accuracy of transcription is not the highest. Some services, for example, such as Transcriberry, provide more high accuracy.


This is another well-known resource that offers good audio to text transcription services. It supports more than 3o languages ​​and applies modern software based on AI. The advantage of such software is that it integrates with business platforms. This ensures maximum security. This is probably the ideal platform for business. Your employees and team members can get full access to the unique software no matter where they are. The company offers fairly fast decryption for various types of files. The service is suitable for both large businesses and individuals.

As for transcription in the field of fashion, such services are also provided here. You can test the quality of work using a free trial version. The resource provides decoding of different audio formats (MP3, M4A, MP4, AAC, and WAV). The output files are also available in numerous formats. So, you can download the written text in Word, Doc, or CSV.

The service has several tariff plans. Therefore, the price of a monthly package will start at $60 per month. If you want to buy an annual subscription, it will cost you $48 per month. This is the price of automated options, as the company does not support human transcription.

So, if you need a fashion-oriented transcription, you can certainly get it online. There are many platforms on the Internet that are ready to provide you with quality services. For example, Transcriberry provides both automated and human transcription. Turning there with a request to transcribe your audio or video, you will certainly receive the highest quality services!