How to choose and buy an apartment in Honolulu

Buying an apartment is a serious step that needs to be approached responsibly and correctly. Therefore, today we will analyze the issue of inspecting apartments to select the appropriate option.  Very often, when viewed, people simply look at the cosmetic repairs and do not look at the right things.

So how do you properly inspect an apartment?

Soberly evaluate repairs

Replacing dirty wallpaper costs a penny compared to the price of the property, but re-laying the floor if you need to urgently move in will be more difficult. However, this is also real. Be sure to estimate how much it will cost to replace broken handles, faucets, and the like. And add to the cost of selling the apartment. Is the price acceptable? If you have time to do repairs, it’s better to do it yourself than to buy an apartment with a shiny faucet and then constantly fix it, then a rickety door, then glue wallpaper. Evaluate the condition of what may later cost significant amounts for repairs and replacements in the future: plumbing, pipes, electrics, evenness of walls and floors, windows. Learn more at

Buyers prefer  to buy a refurbished apartment  , even if it is only cosmetic and small. Therefore, many sellers carry out pre-sale preparation, actually investing little money to renovate an apartment. This step really speeds up the sale of the apartment, distinguishing it from other options, although another apartment may have even better parameters in terms of square footage or location, or the quality of the overhaul, but buyers choose the one where the preparation is made.  

Find out if the apartment has been remodeled

To do this, compare the technical data sheet with the existing layout. If the redevelopment was, but not legalized, look at what specifically changed. Now the legislation does not have such strict requirements for changing an apartment, but they exist.

Check the condition of devices and structures

Open and close all windows and doors. Inspect for rust (and even more so fresh tint!) Batteries and pipes, most likely they are leaking in places of corrosion. Turn on the burners, check the water pressure and see how quickly the water drains. Feel free to flush the toilet. Look under the sink. Look for “walking” laminate boards. In the apartments on the top floor, inspect the ceiling and corners for mold, on the lower floor – the floors.

Make an inventory

Specify what will remain in the apartment at the time of its transfer to you, and make a list. Such a document is drawn up before signing the preliminary contract. It indicates what furniture and plumbing will remain in the apartment, as well as the condition of the object. Everyone has probably heard about the peculiar sellers unscrewing sockets. There are those who remove the chandeliers by cutting the cable, and there are those who take the bath and parquet.

Assess future neighbors

You need to look around and for the one who lives in the neighborhood. If a dysfunctional family lives nearby, you will constantly have to hear scandals and maybe even get involved in them. Alcohol-abusing neighbors can flood you or start a fire.

Assess Infrastructure

Be sure to evaluate the availability of shops, pharmacies, clinics, transport hubs nearby. Drive up to the house in the evening, so assess the situation with the presence of parking lots at the house, noisy companies, you may be able to talk with neighbors.