Pianist Martin Graff New Release “Prism”

Martin Graff delivers a delicate impressionistic work on “Prism”. Without needing to say a single word a narrative takes shape. The keys are played with a sense of softness. Everything about the sound has a hushed loveliness to it. Nods to Debussy proves to be readily apparent. By keeping things so delicate for there is a beauty to the way of the evolution. Letting the melodies intermingle result in the song becoming absolutely gorgeous. Rhythms here have a grandeur for he keeps things rather stately. All of it features a sense of life one that feels so reassuring.

Right from the beginning he sets the scene with the fragile touches starting things up. From the first moment the song seemingly wafts up into the air. He incorporates the right degree of passion to it, making sure to bare his heart into the sound. Various different elements seem to bounce off each other for there is a greatness in the way he creates a dialogue within the song itself. Everything of the song has a great color to it. Lots of color gets incorporated into it for there is a prism-like quality to the way he lets the chords change, with a kaleidoscopic array of different elements to balance together. For the finale he seems to tie everything together, going towards a rather cyclical approach to the songcraft.

“Prism” shows off Martin Graff’s uncanny ability to sculpt an entire aural universe one that feels all-consuming.