How to Prevent Regret When Your Phone Gets Wet

Most of us have dropped our cell phones in the water at some point. If you haven’t, you have likely played out the scenario in your head. Water can be detrimental to most smartphones as it can make its way into the fragile components within your device. To prevent your cellular phone from suffering permanent water damage, follow these steps to keep your device in excellent shape.

Desiccant Packs

More than likely you have heard someone mention that putting a wet phone in rice will save it. Although it is true that rice is absorbent, it may not be a good idea to take your phone apart and place it in a bowl of rice. Rice contains lots of particles that could get lodged in the tiny parts of your phone. Small grains of hard rice can even cause small scratches to form on your screen.

Instead, try soaking it in a bowl of desiccant packs. These packets are often found inside food and electronic packages to keep them dry or fresh. They contain highly absorbent beads that will draw the water out of your phone. You can even purchase them online. Make sure to keep your phone submerged for 24 hours to fully draw out the moisture.

Purchase a Waterproof Case

If you want to be proactive about phone safety, purchase a waterproof case. Although it will not withstand being submerged in great depths of water for long periods of time, your phone will be protected from accidental drops in places such as the pool and bathtub.

Put Insurance on Your Phone

Another way to be proactive is to purchase insurance for your phone. Most policies cover lost and damaged phones. You will likely have to pay a small deductible, but upon doing so, the insurance company will fix your phone or replace it.

Seek Cell Phone Repair Services

In the event that you drop your phone in water and it will not turn back on, you will need to take drastic measures to save your device. Locate the nearest cell phone repair service, and take your phone immediately. On the way, use a towel to dry it, and blow gently into the crevices to try to remove as much water as possible. Repair experts have the tools needed to safely open your device and remove the moisture directly. While some repairs can take a few hours, some can be completed in a matter of minutes.

Purchase a Water-Resistant Phone

Many older smartphones have no waterproof qualities. However, most newer smartphones are water-resistant up to a certain depth. When you are ready for an upgrade, double-check the specifications before making your purchase.

Don’t panic over a wet phone. Instead, there are some preventative measures you should take to keep your phone from suffering irreparable damage. If all else fails, take your device to your nearest phone repair expert.