Different Types Of Filters Present in Car Engines

The car’s engine is primarily responsible for the proper functioning of the vehicle. The engine in the car is fitted with many filters. These filters are essential and contribute to the appropriate functioning of the car. There are different types of engine filters. To get to know more about the filters present in the car engine, continue to read the article.

Different types of filters for car engine

Four types of car filters are used in a car’s engine. Each of the filters has a different functioning and specification. All these filters require management and replacement from time to time. To replace the filters of your car engine, you can consider FCP Solutions FiltersThey are a reliable choice. But, to do this, you need to have some good knowledge about these filters. Below is a description of all four types. Have a look at it.

  • Air filter: It is the most common filter in the engine. This filter helps clean the air used by the engine of the car. They do not allow dust particles, bugs, grim, or pollens to enter the car engine. The vehicle that emits smoke or black puff from its engine is a sign that the air filter of the car engine is dirty. There is a check engine light which helps to determine the same. You can take the air filter out and check it by passing light through it. If you can’t see the morning, it is time for you to replace it. 
  • Cabin filters: These are other types of filters present in the car engine. These filters help purify the air present inside the vehicle. When you don’t use the air conditioner in the car, this filter is useful. It keeps all the dust, pollen, and other air pollutants from your breath. In other words, this filter is a part of the car’s ventilation system. Also, this filter prevents your AC system from clogging via all this gunk.  
  • Oil filters: This is the part of engine filters. It is responsible for clean lubrication. Lubrication is essential for the better performance of the car’s engine. Oil is a vital requirement to run all the car parts smoothly. But when the oil circulates through the machine, it is highly likely to get contaminated. The oil filter prevents all the debris and dirt out of the oil while the car engine is running. It is advisable that you replace this filter after your car runs for 3000 miles. 
  • Fuel filter: This is the fourth and last filter in a car engine. This filter keeps all the dirt and grim away from the fuel you put inside your car. It is recommended that you change the fuel filter after your car runs for 30,000 miles. 

These were all the filters that are commonly present in the car engine. If you want your car to run smoothly and give a compelling performance, you must keep a check on all these filters. Replacing them from time to time will help you maintain your car. So, make sure you do that.