New Video By Devinn Le’Raay feat. Lakes The Voice “Facetime”

“How you ladies doing? Can I help y’all?” – it’s a subtle, but smooth opening statement from Devinn Le’Raay. And you can bet it’ll work. In his latest video for “Facetime,” Le’Raay takes the front desk at his own furniture shop — and when a pair of fetching young women arrive in search of something with memory foam, you know it’s not going to be long before the lights go down and the fun begins. It turns out the “Facetime” they’re after has nothing to do with telecommunications. They’re looking for a far more rewarding way to connect.

And whenever lovers are ready to put their desires into action, Devin Le’Raay has always been ready with the soundtrack. The St. Louis R&B singer specializes in sultry ballads, sweetly-sung salaciousness, lascivious come-ons, and pure sonic steam. His recent EPs No Breaks and Stay Smooth are statements of intent from a love man with a way with words — and an even better way with a seductive melody. He makes music for the amorous, and if for anyone feeling frisky (and it is the season), it’s hard to ask for a more appropriate score than “Facetime.”

On the track, Devinn Le’Raay has help from a like-minded artist. Fellow soul singer Lakes The Voice handles the song’s first verse with the distinctive combination of warmth and excitement that characterizes all of his performances. He sets the stage for Le’Raay’s own performance, which sizzles from the first note, and doesn’t let up until the final echoed drumbeat and whirring synthesizer. The two singers match their voices to a velvety pop-R&B production that’s as soft, plush, and comfortable as a… well, you know.

Mattresses are stacked everywhere in the “Facetime” video. In fact, there are so many mattresses in Devinn Le’Raay’s warehouse that it could easily double as a swank hotel. Once the illumination dims and the mood lighting blinks on, the store becomes a suitable place to dance — and maybe to go farther than that, too. Lakes The Voice leads the two customers into the storeroom, which suits the production because it’s Lakes who kicks off the track. He takes the hand of the more experienced of the two young women; the “innocent” one finds her match and her mattress with Devinn Le’Raay, who has had his eye on her from the moment she walked through his door.