New Video By Goodfella Uno ‘Peace’

At a glance, Goodfella Uno is grounded and precise with his lyrics. Always intentional and always honest. His steady voice and ability to pull together flows make him a hypnotizing act to watch. He’s got that level-headed coolness that shows he knows exactly what he wants and is ready to fight for it. Digging deeper, you’ll find a multilayered artist whose passion for his craft runs deep. He brings honesty through his lyricism, a refreshing take on a genre that has become hyper-focused on materialism. Goodfella Uno shares a similar dream as any other artist: to have his voice heard. The difference is, he’s ready to put the work and time into cultivating an image and brand that is impossible to miss. His debut EP Reign solidifies his mission to expand his artistic craft. He even secured programming on legendary networks such as BET Jams and Revolt TV. Goodfella Uno has been working with Cash Money Records for a year now, and is rumored to sign with them in 2022. He’s here to make a lasting impression on hip-hop audiences and elevate the genre as a whole.

Ready to top his debut, Goodfella Uno brings the Florida heat to the charts with his latest single, “Peace,” a bass-heavy instrumental beat with touching lyrics that speak to beating the odds and making his dream life into a reality. Goodfella Uno’s journey to recognition has been a long time in the making, but in “Peace,” he can finally say cheers to it paying off. Though he’s still in his early career years and has much to learn, the artist reminds us to celebrate and cherish every victory along the way. Known as the “Magic City,” Miami is on display in this music video, with stunning aerial views taking the forefront as he raps about the struggles and triumphs of his artistry. The city is the embodiment of hustle and celebration, which sets the perfect backdrop for the tone of the song. The video also features Goodfella Uno and his closest friends cruising through the streets in ATVs and motorbikes to capture his free spirit and easy-going approach to life. “Peace” is the perfect song to visualize all the big moments in life that await you.