New Video By The Veer Union “Standing My Ground”

Ever since The Veer Union released their raw, meaningful hard rock music into the world in 2006, their exhilarating sound – like in “Standing My Ground,” their latest single released via Rock Shop Records – has intensified and gathered a continuously growing fan base. What makes this band special is how they balance the aggressiveness, screaming, and other heavy metal components with expressive words and powerful instrumentals that are relatable and compelling for audiences with varieties of preferred genres. To date, the group has sold over 150,000 albums and is streamed by millions around the globe. They have also had almost a dozen singles on the Billboard Rock Radio Charts. While the pandemic might have prevented The Veer Union from touring, nothing could keep them from making themselves heard. Crispin Earl, lead singer and screamer of the band, has a riveting voice filled with rage and passion projected from his core. Recently, The Veer Union found great success from their album, Quarantine Collaborations, where they’ve proven that they’re not afraid to stray from what’s expected (see: their distinctive cover of Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber’s “Monster”), shattering the heavy metal mold with their musical stylings and purposeful songwriting.

Undoubtedly, the conditions we have experienced over the past two years have required many of us to push through unprecedented challenges. “Standing My Ground” harnesses the struggle of people overcoming adversity and the necessity to move past their surmountable pressures and unchangeable mistakes. It amplifies the mantra of never retreating in the face of hardship. “Standing My Ground” is one of The Veer Union’s heaviest songs to be released yet. Listeners won’t be able to get enough of timeless lyrics like, “It’s not the end of everything. I’ll breathe again. I will stand up again. I’ll be standing my ground.” Not only does the bridge show The Veer Union’s unwavering force to stand their ground through Earl’s screams, but Ryan Ramsdell shreds on guitar accompanied by Ricardo Viana’s vigorous drum beats. The outro then contains a call to action for its listeners to “stand up” and hold their own in their battles.

The visual for “Standing My Ground” has a beautiful simplicity that still delivers the intensity present in The Veer Union’s music. This lyric video makes it easy for the listener to hang onto every word with a high-energy composition. As the band members perform the hit over a white backdrop, the camera angles spotlight each musician. You can really feel their emotion and see their combined talents come together as one greater collective. There are also fitting effects of fire and smoke as The Veer Union rises from the ashes and stands their ground.