Top 8 CBD Cream for Arthritis in 2022

Much can be made about the therapeutic use of cannabidiols (CBDs) to relieve ailments as diverse as anxiety or arthritis. Still, it is the latter that we will focus on today. According to the CDC, there are 54 million arthritis patients in the US alone; that number accounts for roughly one in four adults. That is a lot of potential sufferers who may find relief in a CBD arthritis cream. 

CBD creams can effectively treat arthritic pain thanks to CBD’s ability to block pain receptors. When applied topically, CBD cream can provide fast relief from arthritis through its role in the body’s natural endocannabinoid system.

But what is the science behind the CBD and arthritis relationship? And what are the best products for those wanting fast relief? The answer to that question (along with eight of the best creams for arthritis) can be found below. We’ll guide you through everything you need to know and tell you a little of what we like and don’t like about each cream. 

How Can CBD Help with Arthritis Pain?

As mentioned above, CBD is excellent for arthritis pain thanks to the natural role it plays in the body’s endocannabinoid system, which can play a direct and effective role in pain management. A routine of cannabidiol use has been shown to inhibit pain receptors and provide relief from arthritis and other joint issues.

In addition, many CBD creams for arthritis can have cooling or soothing properties that provide additional therapeutic benefits. Some of the more luxurious creams can also be great for maintaining a healthy glow for one’s skin.

The Top Eight CBD Creams for Arthritis 2022 Edition

The following eight CBD creams are excellent choices for those who wish to incorporate a CBD routine into their arthritis care.  Please read on for a little of what we like and don’t like about each.

Joy Organics – Premium CBD Cream (250 mg)

This CBD cream from Joy Skin & Body is an excellent option for those looking for a cream with a compact size that can easily travel and be applied discreetly. And with 250 mg of CBD per bottle, there is plenty of relief for those that suffer from chronic arthritis pain. The best part? This bottle has an easy push-top dispenser so you can get the right size of cream without fiddling with jars and lids. No more mess!

Things you’ll love: This cream is unscented, as compared to the heavy odors that some arthritis creams have; this is a welcome relief and means no one will be able to tell you are wearing it.

Something to consider: Those that subscribe can realize substantial savings as compared to ordering single orders. Subscription has its benefits as well, in terms of gifts and a rewards system. And you can feel good knowing that Joy Organics utilizes carbon neutral shipping—at no additional cost!

Joy Organics – Organic CBD Salve (500 mg)

The following product on our list is another Joy Organics product, an organic CBD salve that is as luxurious as it is potent, with 500 mg of CBD per jar. Organic beeswax, and a premium broad-spectrum CBD formula, make this salve a superb THC-free cream option for discerning consumers.

As noted above, the ingredients in this salve are equal to any luxury cream you might find behind the counter at a fancy department store, and best yet, they are all derived from certified organic sources.

Things you’ll love: The lavender eucalyptus scent adds another layer of relief and is very pleasant, especially compared to the medicinal smell that some other arthritis creams have. You can feel free to let your friends sample it without anybody knowing it’s a CBD product.

Something to consider: This salve isn’t just great for arthritis pain relief; it is also an excellent cream that provides professional-level hydration to even the driest cracked skin.

Verma Farms – Mahalo Muscle Relief Cream

The island vibes are strong with this Verma Farms branded CBD muscle relief cream. From the vibrant packaging to the easy roll-on application, this cream proves that CBD can have personality while still delivering 500 mg of CBD per bottle. 

Things you’ll love: Ingredients include luxurious elements such as aloe leaf juice, menthol, camphor, and sunflower seed oil.

Something to consider: This product uses CBD derived from hemp isolate, resulting in CBD products with a low level of THC. 

Penguin Fingers – CBD Cooling Gel (2000 mg)

At 2000 mg of CBD per stick, this CBD cooling gel from Penguin Fingers is a potent option for athletes and people with arthritis alike. The cooling cbd gel roller is easy to apply via the built-in roller, and the cooling effect comes from natural ingredients such as eucalyptus, peppermint, and menthol.

Things you’ll love: Provides an all-encompassing pain aid, as there are nine active pain relief ingredients, of which CBD is one.

Something to consider: Don’t confuse this offering as a product from the distinct Penguin CBD brand, as Penguin Fingers is a separate entity. 

Medterra CBD – Pain Relief Cream

This pain relief cream is formulated explicitly by Medterra for joint and arthritis sufferers, and at 1000 mg of CBD per 50 ml, it is plenty strong, too! In addition to CBD, this product also contains Arnica Montana and menthol to help aid in pain relief. And with additional ingredients such as aloe leaf juice and shea butter, this cream is light and hydrating for the skin.

Things you’ll love: This cream is suitable for relief from pain resulting from sports injuries or soreness, as well as its use as an arthritis pain aid.

Something to consider: For those concerned that 1000 mg may be too much, there is also a 500 mg option.

evn – CBD Cooling Cream

This CBD cooling cream from evn will moisturize while providing calming relief to tired joints. The cooling effect of menthol will tingle the skin and further soothe sore muscles.

Things you’ll love: Sourced from organic US-based hemp and tested to be free of pesticides or heavy chemicals.

Something to consider: 500 mg of CBD per bottle is a little light, especially as this is one of the more expensive options of our recommended CBD creams.

R+R Medicinals – Hemp Extract Infused Cream (1000 mg)

The product line that R+R Medicinals offers is intentionally focused, with single offerings per category not a rarity in their range of CBD goods. It should come as no surprise that they have a sole CBD cream offering. However, what should likewise fail to surprise anyone familiar with the brand is the higher quality of the single CBD cream that they do offer. And people with arthritis should take note of its potency—1000mg of full-spectrum CBD per 2.5 oz blend.

Things you’ll love: A full-spectrum product with a variety of additional cannabinoids in addition to 33 mg of CBD per serving. This can include smaller amounts of THC, CBL, CBG, CBN, CBC, and CBDV.

Something to consider: Anyone that wants a THC-free product should look elsewhere as this cream has THC in its formula.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, CBD creams can be a great way to provide topical relief from stubborn arthritis pain. We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about these products and the relief they can provide; and that you may be tempted to try one yourself!

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or comments, and thank you for reading!