Exams are generally made to give students a reality check about their position in terms of the studies that they have completed so far. Different students stand at different levels when it comes to their knowledge. A very good tester, as well as a booster of knowledge, can be Olympiads. These are available for different classes and the range of classes is huge. Any student belonging to that range and meeting minimum eligibility criteria can give this exam. However, in order to just pass or for that matter excel in the exams there are certain things that the students can do which would help them to get closer to the goal of excelling in this exam. Any such thing requires patience and faith. To begin with, students can prepare themselves with these two skills as it will help them go about well with other steps and can help them reach their end goal faster than expected. Such an achievement is a great accomplishment in building confidence when it is observed to start degrading from a certain age near this class. What can be certain tips that the students of class 6 can follow in order to excel in their maths Olympiad exams?

The syllabus is done thoroughly

Students should make sure that the syllabus is thoroughly done and understood to the core. They can make notes to help them. They should also practice from previous math books that they might have studied. However, all this should be brought to the test. For this, the students can give online mock tests which will be available in plenty on the internet. This is a very good practice as the mock exams are exactly the same as the normal exam just that the environment is different and mock exams are much easier than the actual exam which will have a difficulty level higher as the class level increases. Sample papers are also a good practice when it comes to having a glimpse of what the exams look like and preparing accordingly. These are usually available in the workbooks and can be available here – IMO Maths Olympiad Class 6 Sample Paper 2.

Preparation of the exam structure

Preparation for the syllabus is essential but a preparation for the Exam structure and prototype is equally important. To know what they would be seeing during the exam and would be able to answer can be significantly impactful on the performance of the student and therefore help them positively by making them excel their exams. This is again very important to save time and avoid any mistakes that are not related to the solution of the question and again this would remain a long term benefit because these usually remain the same for all the Olympiads. Therefore, taking consideration of this step can be of great advantage.

Improving the english vocabulary

Olympiads usually use English as the means of communication and for all the questions that are written in the exams. This is because English is a widely used language all over the world and everyone is expected to know it well for examinations of this type which are conducted at both national and international level. Class 6 students are still learning English and may not be as learned and fluent and therefore, they should make it a point to keep learning new English words as it will help them to get a better understanding of the exam. It may happen that the student is not able to understand the meaning of  a word because they know it and they can get nervous or they may interpret wrong meaning and thereby give wrong answers, making them lose marks.

Understanding the weightage

The way and manner the students decide to give their exam can be very crucial for their overall performance. One such way is to know the scoring system well. They should know how much marks each section holds and accordingly give weightage to the sections. They may start by the section offering maximum marks and then eventually going to the one offering minimum marks. All this should be properly timed by them. As per the marks offered, students should fluctuate the timings. A section offering more can be given more time and a section offering less can be attended at last and can be given less time. However, the quality and performance should not suffer in any section.

Remembering the formulas

Students are required to take efforts to understand the theories and formulas. Maths can become really enjoyable if understood. The exams of IMO are there to test the understanding of the concepts, theories and formulas that are being studied. Students should be able to answer questions like why this formula? How did this formula form? Why this theory? What procedure was to be followed to reach here? What angles? Why this angle? All such questions should be well understood by the students and should be in sync with the questions they solve.

Have a good sleep

All this can only be achieved with a good sleep cycle and nutrition and recreation. Students should be taught from a very young age about how to remain happy and enjoy their entire day without taking much pressure from the commitments made. This is a necessity of today’s world and should be prepared accordingly. In addition, this routine will help better prepare for the exams and give the rest that the body needs. Such routine has been proven to be effective in quality preparation and excellent performance in all the fields that one can think of.


Students of class 6 are in for a treat if they follow these steps while preparing for the Olympiad and can think of all the wishes that they would get after clearing the exam with great results. This article precisely covers all the expert advice for class 6 students when it comes to maths Olympiad and can avoid any unnecessary expenditure. There is no need for any sort of extra guidance or efforts by any other institution if the student is ready to take up these tips.