Video Game Live Streaming: The Ultimate Guide

Playing video games has become an everyday activity among the youths. Nowadays, you don’t need to lock yourself in the house and play video games alone when no family or friends are around. You can play your favorite game with an audience. This is possible because of video game live streaming services. You will turn your hobby into something interactive performance and others can enjoy. 

When your live video gaming becomes popular, it can help you earn a living from the shows you give your audience. Live streaming can be the most significant thing in the gaming world.

However, there are several options you can choose from depending on your goals. Steaming via Twitch has become an excellent option for many because you can buy Twitch views. You can even buy Twitch followers from genuine sellers. 

That said, let’s dive in and look for some of the best ways to stream via the Twitch platform for games. 

Live Streaming Service Providers 

The best way to join the live streaming community via Twitch is to visit its website, interact with viewers via chat, and watch videos. These are services to enjoy free in many live streaming service providers. 

You will find different users of this platform. Some have attractive layouts, but the common thing, they are dense and can highlight many enticing videos. 

The amazing thing, most of these service providers have dedicated apps you can view and chat via mobile devices. They are available in both Androids and iOS operating systems. 

Nonetheless, all games are not made equal. Therefore, certain games are more popular on these platforms, like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite, etc. And when you are more obscure, you have to follow the streams with specific games. Also, you may want to follow particular personalities and channels. 

Twitch and Facebook Gaming usually focus on PC games and consoles. You can find more eSports on most platforms you visit. 

Nonetheless, you may not be a gamer. But the amount of non-gaming content continues to grow in these services and may appeal to you. For example, Twitch has an IRL tab where you can watch folks hang out and talk. Moreover, it also has streaming rights to different sports leagues such as WNHL, WNSL, and NFL. 

On the other hand, Gamers would like to experience their hobby. And because streaming will put much strain on the internet connection and machines, YouTube daddles now in 4K streaming. That allows you to set expectations accordingly. Some rates such as 1080p and 60 frames per second may not be possible. 

Going Live 

The next thing before leaping to streaming is having the right hardware. Some years ago, live streaming was a cumbersome process. That’s because you need to add a capture card or deal with clunky external capture devices. 

Outstanding technology has enabled modern technology to be more democratized. Modern capture devices are paired with various programs such as Streamlabs, XSplit, and Broadcast Software to make the whole process pretty intuitive. 

On the other hand, Twitch offers you a beta streaming software referred to as Twitch Studio – the rivals are following the suit. In addition, it’s now possible to enhance your broadcasting via specialized hardware such as Elgato Stream Deck. For their cast, users will need the software and buy a server that allows them to self-host their instance channel – and it requires hard technical work. 

Nonetheless, mobile and console gamers are in a better position. They can be broadcasted with mobile devices via Twitch, Mobcrush, and Facebook Gaming.

Building a Community 

Keep in mind; streaming services are more than technology. That’s because they are intended to cultivate and empower a community of creators and fans. 

Different chat customization options will allow broadcasters to tailor how they interact with the audience. However, the platform should have social vibe colors as they matter. Each community will have video games fans, which doesn’t mean they have identical cultures. 

Twitch is one platform with a robust community because of its synonymous with game streaming. The members are masterminds behind the Bob Ross marathon and Twitch Plays Pokémon. It also has substantial corporate support, therefore, likely to see sponsored video events. 

The community you will cultivate on these services will not stay bound to them. Broadcasters have to keep their fans engaged, particularly during off-hours. So, they have to set a discord server to interact. Twitch and YouTube have Discord integration to allow the Discord channel to stay constant while fans are transitioning. 

Spend Money & Make Money

All of us can’t make money shrieking in a microphone like PewDiePie. However, it doesn’t mean you should feel discouraged not to try. 

Video games live-streaming encourages most gamers because of their avenues where streamers are paid for their work. And it involves expanding the channel’s popularity, which is enough to apply for a partnership. 

However, each of the services has specific requirements before becoming a partner. The ad value they will get will depend on the users by making videos they want to watch. And therefore, essential to see the wealth spread around. 

The best option to pump more money is after you become a paid subscriber in the ecosystem. Most services are free to use, but some platforms will offer you premium perks when you’re free to use them. For example, the advantage of Twitch premium is that it removes ads, gives you emoticons, and increases your broadcast storage. This is not something common with other platforms. On the other hand, Facebook Gaming will have free and casual Facebook Games. 

Viewers will also support broadcasters directly too. Twitch, Facebook Gaming, and Caffein allow direct donations. And that’s through individual subscription, and the money will be given to your favorite content creators.


You don’t have to waste your energy and time playing games without fans watching. Pick the best video game live streaming option available, depending on your needs. 

Check for a review of the best video game live streaming platform to choose one that will best fit your ambitions and interests.