What Is MTHFR?

Greetings to my readers! In this article I am going to write about a very complex topic and make it as simple as humanly possible.

So you might have seen this word MTHFR in many places like internet, in doctor’s clinic and also heard about it from many people. Well this thing called MTHFR, it’s a defect in this gene.

Now genes are mini instructions or like the blueprints to tell cells what to do, what to make. And you have this whole chain reaction in the cell you have the blueprints, you have a copy machine. You know literally a copying machine in yourself. You have a translator, you have little things that help check for errors then you have the other machine over here that builds the different body parts.

Defect In MTHFR Gene

Well a defect in this specific MTHFR gene caused the defect in the MTHFR enzyme. And the function of the enzyme normally is to convert folic acid into its active form of folic acid. Folic acid is other than vitamin B9. Folic acid is the inactive version. It’s supposed to normally convert through this enzyme to the active form called methylfolate and has a whole series of actions that occur after that.

So basically this condition is a defect that blocks full capacity of conversion of the inactive to the active form of B9. That’s all it does. That’s the simplicity of it and right when I write full conversion it might convert somewhat but it’s like 40 to 70 percent defective. So you make a lot less than you should do so it doesn’t convert and that leads to a whole series of chain reactions that occur within the cell.

Having a defect in this gene will give you a series of symptoms and if you have these symptoms then you should go get checked to make sure that you don’t have this because believe that it’s quite common. But there’s a solution for it.

Affects Of MTHFR

Number one it can affect your heart, coronary heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and dimension. It also affects the natural anti-inflammatory. You end up with inflammation, fibermyalgia, achy joints, and arthritic type pains.

You also have the inability to detoxify and your liver especially heavy metals, especially iron. So if you consume foods that have heavy metals it can be very dangerous to your liver and your body because you lost that function.

You also have the inability to make the folkapacity of neurotransmitters. I am talking about serotonin, dopamine and melatonin. So that affects your mood, it affects your cause anxiety, cause depression.

And it can cause a low dopamine which gives you addictions, addictions to alcohol, addiction to drugs, addiction to cocaine and addiction to smoking.

Melatonin is all about sleep. You can’t sleep that well. You potentially could even get cancer so these all these things that happen.

You are trying to fix all this stuff and you don’t really know what’s going on it could be one simple defect of this genetic little gene thing.

Remedy Of MTHFR

So go get tested let me tell you the remedy of this. The remedy is very simple you need to avoid taking folic acid because it can build up, it’s not converting. And that would be in all the enriched foods that you shouldn’t be eating anyway like the grains.

So you got to just look down list and see what foods have folic acid you want to avoid that.

You do want to consume the active form of vitamin B9 called methylfolate. You want to take that as supplement you will start feeling better. And then you want to take another chain reaction thing that occurs, you want to take the active form of B12 and that’s called methylcobalamin.

You want to avoid gluten, you want to avoid all wheat of course sugar as well.

You want to consume dark leafy green vegetables, chard, some spinach, kale etc. you want to do that big-time because you need to actually have help to detoxify because you are not detoxifying 100 percent and you are filling up with heavy metals.

You want to really have organic food grass-fed because you can’t detoxify.