Relaxing Music Playlist for Remote Working

In an age where many of us spend our time staring at a computer screen, whether it’s for fun and games or work, music has become a mode of escape from outside distractions and dull tasks. And compiling a relaxing music playlist is on every remote workers’ bucket list.

The debate over whether listening to music while working is good for us has been raging for decades. Some people claim that listening to music at work improves their mood. Others think it makes them more productive. But what does science say on this subject?

In a nutshell, the answer isn’t perfectly clear. There are many studies that show that music might affect productivity, but not in a way that we think, rather in more roundabout ways.

Some studies showed that music makes repetitive tasks, like in the lab, more bearable. Other studies showed that listening to music between tasks is the key to boosting your productivity.

Nevertheless, one thing stands. The music you choose to listen to can either boost or lower your productivity. Studies have shown that if you play instrumental and relaxing music, you will probably feel more productive.

On the other hand, if you play the music with lyrics, you can easily get distracted and start singing the songs you know and love.

Finally, music can’t block out distractions that are on your computer and phone. You can still feel tempted to scroll through social media or open a real money slots website to play a quick game, so it’s best if you download an app that will block those distractions while you work.

What is the Best Productive Music for Remote Working?

There’s no universal answer to this question. Each person has their own set of criteria for music that makes them productive. A particular song can boost productivity for one person, and for the other, it can be utterly distracting. So the only way you can find the music that sets you into “work mode” is to try everything.

If you have never thought about playing music while working, you should know that finding the right playlist for you can be a time-consuming process. But there’s no need to stress. The internet is full of music playlists, so scatter through them until you find the one you like.

Luckily, there are a few common characteristics and types of musical styles that seem to work for many people. So it won’t be long until you find the right type for you.

#1 Classic or Instrumental Music

Classical music might not be the first thing you think of when you want to boost your productivity. But, studies showed that classical music increases a person’s mood and concentration on work.

The structure and slow tunes of most classical music are what create a calming effect on people. When we listen to classical and instrumental music, we release dopamine which is the body’s happy chemical that improves a person’s mood. And, if you are in a good mood, you are more likely to be productive.

Finally, you will probably never listen to Beethoven as a form of entertainment, but why not listen to it while you work when it can improve your brain function and keep you relaxed at the same time?

#2 Lo-fi Music

Low-fidelity music, better known as lo-fi, helped millions of students and workers across the world to stay focused and be more productive.

Hopefully, by now, you have realized that music has many beneficial effects on our workflow and mood. And research has suggested that Lo-Fi is the perfect genre for helping people stay focused.

Most of the Lo-Fi songs do not have lyrics, so you won’t get distracted by vocals in the background. When you are feeling anxious and stressed, listen to Lo-Fi music. And, if you are not feeling active, blast some upbeat songs that will put you in an energetic mood.

Also, this works great if you are gaming as well, and you can visit if you want to find some games to play while listening.

#3 Nature Sounds

We already know that spending time in nature is extremely good for our physical health. But it seems like the benefits of nature go beyond that.

It has been scientifically proven that listening to natural sounds can enhance cognitive function and concentration. If you don’t feel like listening to music, but you need something to boost your focus and de-stress, then nature or ambient sounds are a great solution.

Next time you feel anxious or stressed, listen to natures’ soothing sounds like rainfall or flowing water. Avoid listening to animal noises and those kinds of jarring noises because they can be pretty distracting.