Best Netflix TV Shows worth Watching Anytime

With the cord-cutting movement on the rise, people are moving towards streaming services. There are plenty of options to watch channels, movies, and TV shows such as satellite TV, cable TV, and Streaming TV. Some of the cable TV providers offer lucrative and money-saving offers. Xfinity, Mediacom, and Spectrum are good to go if you love to stream your favorite shows due to high-speed downloads. However, if you are looking for better support and assistance as well, Spectrum servicio al cliente en español is best for serving and assisting customers.

When it comes to quality programming, Netflix is always top of the list. It has a bunch of the latest movies and TV serials that are worth watching if you want to kill time. If you have subscribed to Netflix recently or thinking of subscribing to it, make sure to watch these shows on Netflix anytime. You won’t regret wasting your time watching those thrilling, romantic, and crimeloaded shows. Let’s dive in.

The Haunting of Hill House

“The Haunting of Hill House” as the name suggests it would be something a mixture of horror, psychological thriller, and somewhat mystery show. It is the remaking of Shirley Jackson’s classic novel of the same title tells a story about five siblings living and raised in the famous haunted house in America.

The younger sister commits suicide, which reunites the other siblings to defy the demons of their pasts. Some of the demons are creeping around in their minds – and some of them are shadowing the hill house.

If you can challenge yourself to watch the show alone on weekend, this show is going to grip and glue you right from the beginning. People who love horror and the psychological thriller genre must give it a try.


MindHunter is another popular TV show you can watch on Netflix in 2020. Based on the 1996 book, Mind Hunter, the story revolves around a former special agent John Douglas. The agent approaches some of the brutal serial killers and rapists, to catch them through his high profiling techniques.

The story reveals some of the most highprofile cases, including the killer who murdered a prostitute in Alaska, a child murderer in Atlanta, and Seattle’s Green River killer. To succeed in his plan, Douglas even interviewed and studied a bunch of serial killers. Several TV serials and movies are based on the same theme including the Silence of Lambs, Hannibal, and Criminal Minds.

Breaking Bad

“Breaking Bad” is a popular Netflix TV series that revolves around Walter White, a chemistry teacher. Walter is diagnosed with stage three cancer and has only two years to live. With nothing to lose, his life drastically changed and turned 360 degrees.

He lives in Mexico with his wife and a son suffering from cerebral palsy. With so much determination, he promises his family to give him a secure and bright future. Walter now sets his foot in the dark world of crime and drugs.

As soon as he steps into the new world, he proves his worth by manufacturing and selling methamphetamine with his former student. The TV serial tells the effect of a fatal disease, how it changed the morality of a person, and turned a hardworking man into a major drug dealer.

Arrested Development

Arrested Development is surely not to miss by anyone who is in real estate. The story revolves around a dysfunctional Bluth Family, who was at the pinnacle of real estate development in Orange County California. However, after the family business had gone bankrupt, they are found penniless with belongings frozen.

The family somehow managed to move to their last remaining asset and Michael Bluth tries to keep the family business from breaking up, after the arrest of his father for misusing money. As the family has turned from riches to rags, Michael helps his sister and brother-in-law to keep up their failed marriage, his mother to keep up the appearance, and his brothers to adjust to working life.

Summing Up

Netflix is a great streaming platform to help you watch movies, and TV shows whenever you face boredom. There are plenty of other shows and movies worth watching. You can find loads of TV serials and movies in different genres.