Greg Bucking is Coming to Town

It’s hard to believe that this is a debut release for Greg Bucking because the sound quality is top-notch and the recording is spot on. Sounding like a seasoned professional, Greg Bucking introduces us to his wonderful world of Roots music. With his self-titled, solo album now upon us, Greg Bucking has arrived in a BIG way!

Greg Bucking does have decades of experience as a musician playing in several bands, so performing is nothing new for Bucking. Songwriting also comes natural for Greg Bucking, so it’s no wonder that the six songs on this new EP are wonderfully constructed. With so many influences & elements popping out on this new release, Greg Bucking shines through with his eclectic mix.

The record starts up with a song titled “No Justice” that offers an engaging rhythm that will pull listeners in right away. With a Caribbean-style & beat and catchy groove, “No Justice” will give you a nice boost and excite your senses. The next track will get you movin’ & shakin’ as you soak in the bright notes of “Roll In the Sunshine”. Prepare yourself for a soulful journey through crisp ‘n’ cool waters on “Atlantic Ocean”. A sense of calmness rushes over you as the musical waves of “Atlantic Ocean” continuously roll on for days. On track four, “Tango In The Park”, everybody will want to dance and let loose to this flavorful number full of spice. Get ready for a smooth-flowing jam on “Oh Jesus” that contains a cool-as-ice delivery by Greg Bucking. With an enticing melody and rock-solid performance, “Oh Jesus” proves to be a real crowd-pleaser. Bucking takes an interesting twist at the end of the EP with “Wayfaring Stranger” that will peak the interests of many dedicated listeners. One will head down a road containing some sadness & despair, but when it’s all said and done everyone will be welcoming this “Wayfaring Stranger” into their homes and hearts. “Wayfaring Stranger” is a soul-stirring number and proves that Greg Bucking is a first-class songwriter.

This debut release from Greg Bucking is a true success and one record that shouldn’t be taken lightly. With soothing guitar strings and pleasing vocal harmonies, Greg Bucking has something for everyone on the new EP. I feel Greg has a lot more songs and grooves in him, so I can’t wait hear the next batch of tracks from Bucking. Greg Bucking welcomes you to his unique world of Roots groove where everything just feels right.

By Jimmy Rae